18/10/2020 – God Provides Food

Bahan Alkitab: Exodus 16 / Keluaran 16

Tanggal: 18/10/2020


The Israelites were traveling in the desert. They were walking from Egypt to the land God had promised to give his people. They had been traveling for many weeks and had eaten all the food they had brought from Egypt.
God’s people were hungry and they started to complain. “We have nothing to eat, Moses.” they grumbled, “Why did you bring us out to this hot, dry desert? We will starve to death here. We should have stayed in Egypt ,at least we had all the food we wanted there!”

Moses listened to their complaints. He knew that they were complaining because they had stopped trusting God to take care of them always.

They should remember that :
– God Will Never Leave Me (GWNLM)
– God wants us to follow, obey God,and trust HIM.

If the Israelites remember these in their hearts, they will not choose their tummies over GOD.
God’s will and God’s plan were for them to be free from slavery and follow God, but on their journey they kept disobeying.

Let’s continue to the story. God also heard the people complain. God said to Moses,”I have heard the grumbling of the Israelites. Tell them at twilight you will eat meat, and in the morning you will be filled with bread. Then you will know I am the Lord your God” (Exodus 16:11-12)

That evening, our wonderful, powerful God gave the Israelites meat to eat. God sent a flock of quail. The birds flew right down to the Israelite camp. People caught the birds and cooked them for supper. The Israelite enjoyed eating the food God sent. Everyone had plenty to eat. God had kept his promise to provide for his people.

The next morning when the people woke up, they saw thin white flakes on the ground “Manna?” they asked in their language. “What is it?”

“It is the bread the Lord has given you to eat.” (they called it MANNA) Moses answered. And he told them to gather enough Manna for that day only. “God will send more tomorrow.” He told them.

God wanted his people to trust him to provide day by day – to trust his provision. But some people disobeyed. They took more than they needed and set it aside for later. The next morning they found what was left overnight was rotten and full of worms !

Each day God gave his people all the food that they needed. And on the day before the Sabbath, Moses gave the people a message from God. Moses told the people to gather enough Manna for two days.
“Tomorrow is to be a day of rest, a holy sabbath to the Lord.” Moses said,” that is why on the sixth day he gives you bread for two days.”

The Lord himself would keep the manna fresh so that on the Sabbath his people could spend time worshiping God and resting, but some people disobeyed God’s instructions. This time they did not gather enough bread. When they went out on the Sabbath to gather food, there wasn’t a single flake of manna to be found. Once again, God had kept his word, and he wanted his people to listen, trust him and obey.

God knew what was best for the Israelites. He knew they needed food. He knew they needed to rest and to worship him. God wanted his people to learn to trust him to give them all that they needed. God knows what we need as well. We need food to make our bodies strong. And we need to praise God and rest on his special day, the Lord’s Day.

Let’s continue to live a life that trusts God’s words, follows God’s will and God’s plan because we know that God will never leave us.

Ayat Hafalan:

Exodus 14:13B
Do not be afraid. Stand firm and you will see the deliverance the Lord will bring you today.


03/10/2020 – God Saves His People

Bahan Alkitab: Exodus 11:1 – 12:42

Tanggal: 03/10/2020


After the 9 plaques that happened in Egypt, Pharaoh still insisted to keep the Israelites in Egypt. God told Moses about the preparation for passover:
– every family has to prepare a young and no defect lamb for each household
– it should be slaughtered in twillight, and get the blood and put it on the sides and tops of door frames of the house
– the meat should be roasted over the fire and eaten with bitter herbs and bread made without yeast
– nothing should be left
– the meal should be eaten with proper clothes and sandals and staff on their hands, and eat in haste
That night, God will pass through Egypt and strike down every firstborn, men and animals at the house that has no blood at the door. Those houses with blood at the door will be passed over.
Israelites obey and did what God told them. and indeed that night, all firstborns of Egyptian family died.
Pharaoh let the Israelites go this time and even the Egyptian gave the silvers and golds to them.

This passover actually symbolises the real passover when Jesus shed His blood at the cross to set His people free from sin.

Ayat Hafalan:

Exodus 8:1a
This is what the LORD says,
“Let my people go, so that they may worship me”


27/09/2020 – God Shows His Power

Bahan Alkitab: Exodus 7-10

Tanggal: 27/09/2020


Moses and Aaron told Pharaoh that God wanted him to let the Israelites go free so they could worship and serve Lord. Pharaoh did not care about God. Pharaoh wanted to keep the Israelites as his slaves. So, Our Almighty God shows His power to Pharaoh and the people of Egypt.

God sent plagues one after another after Pharaoh keep hardened his heart and broke his promises.
First plague was the water in Nile river changed to blood, and then followed by frogs that hopped in to everywhere at Egypt land, then Gnats, Flies, the illness and death of the Egypt’s livestocks, boils, hail that destroyed most of Egypt, then God also send plague of locusts, and the ninth plague was darkness all over Egypt.

But even though God send plagues after plagues to Egypt, the place where the Israelites stay are free from all those plagues. That show how God always take care of His people. God protected His people.

After all those 9 plagues, Pharaoh still hardened his heart and didn’t let the Israelites go from Egypt.
what will happened after that? Will God send another plague to show His power? We know that God is much more powerful than Pharaoh. The Israelites were God’s own special people. They don’t belong to Pharaoh. God was going to keep the promise he’d made to them. God was going to take them out of Egypt so that they would trust and serve Him, no matter what Pharaoh said.
We will continue the Bible story next week.

Ayat Hafalan:

Exodus 8:1b
This is what the LORD says, “Let my people go, so that they may worship me.”

Guru:Indah Wijaya

20/09/2020 – God Sends Moses

Bahan Alkitab: Exodus 4:29-6:10

Tanggal: 20/09/2020


Even though Moses was afraid to go and talk to Pharaoh, he trust and obey God. God give Moses a helper, Aaron.
Both Moses and Aaron go to Egypt and talk to the elders of Israel. Moses showed them the signs that God told him to do. After that, they go to Pharaoh and tell him what God them to say to Pharaoh, which was to let the people of Israelites go out from Egypt, no longer the slaves of Pharaoh.

Upon hearing, Pharaoh was angry and command extra works for Israelites. Israelites suffer even more than before and started to blame Moses.

Moses prayed to God, and God told Moses that he would keep His covenant promise with his people. God had not forgotten his people or his promise. God wanted his people to trust him to save and help them. God made promises and He always keep every one of them. As how God promised to send a Saviour, and he sent Jesus to save us from our sin.

Ayat Hafalan:

Exodus 8:1b
This is what the LORD says: “Let my people go, so that they may worship me.”

Guru:Indah Wijaya

13/09/2020 – God Calls Moses

Bahan Alkitab: Exodus 3:1-15, 4:1-17

Tanggal: 13/09/2020


– Allah menjaga Musa dan Musa bertumbuh besar menjadi putra Raja Firaun.
– Pada suatu hari Musa melihat seorang Ibrani yang dipukul oleh seorang Mesir. Musa menjadi marah dan membunuh orang Mesir itu.
– Keesokan harinya, Musa melihat ada 2 orang Ibrani yang berkelahi dan Musa berusaha untuk mendamaikan kedua orang Ibrani itu, tetapi mereka marah kepada Musa dan bertanya kepada Musa, “Apakah Musa juga mau membunuh mereka seperti Musa membunuh orang Mesir itu?”
– Dengan pertanyaan itu Musa menjadi takut karena orang-orang sudah mengetahui bahwa Musa membunuh orang Mesir. Musa lari dari Mesir karena dia takut akan hukuman dari Raja Firaun yang mau membunuhnya. Musa melarikan diri ke Midian.
– Pada waktu Musa sampai di Midian dan sedang beristirahat di dekat sumur, datanglah anak perempuan imam Midian yang akan mengambil air dari sumur di sana untuk diberikan kepada domba2 yang digembalakannya.
– Datang juga gembala2 domba lain yang melarang anak perempuan ini untuk mengambil air dari sumur di sana dan Musa menolong untuk mendamaikannya. Musa juga menolong anak perempuan itu untuk mengambil air dari sumur itu.
– Setelah itu Musa diterima oleh ayah perempuan itu di Midian dan Musa menjadi penggembala domba di Midian.
– Suatu hari, Musa melihat ada semak2 yang berapi tetapi tidak terbakar habis dengan api itu.
– Musa datang mendekat semak2 yg berapi itu dan terdengar suara Tuhan yang memanggil Musa.
– Tuhan akan menjadikan Musa menjadi pemimpin bangsa Israel untuk keluar dari Mesir.
– Musa mau menolak panggilan itu karena dia tidak pandai berbicara dan dia minta supaya Tuhan memilih orang lain untuk melakukan pekerjaan yang besar itu. Tetapi Tuhan tetap meminta Musa untuk taat panggilan Tuhan dan Tuhan memberikan kekuatan kepada Musa.
– Tuhan menunjukan kuasaNya dengan memberikan 3 tanda kepada Musa untuk membuktikan bahwa Tuhan menyertai dia. (Tongkat menjadi ular, tangan menjadi kusta dan air sungai Nil menjadi darah).
– Tuhan juga memberikan janji kepada Musa, Tuhan akan menyertai Musa, mengutus Harun kakaknya untuk membantu berbicara kepada Raja Firaun dan akhirnya Musa mau taat panggilan Tuhan.
– Tuhan juga mempunyai rencana yang indah bagi kita, bukan hanya rencana untuk menyelamatkan kita dari dosa, tetapi Tuhan mempunyai rencana kepada setiap anak Tuhan yang telah diselamatkan dan kita harus percaya dan taat kepada panggilan Tuhan dalam hidup kita.

Ayat Hafalan:

Nahum 1:7
The LORD…..cares for those who trust in Him.

Guru:Fendy Hosea

06/09/2020 – God Takes Care of Moses

Bahan Alkitab: Exodus 1:6-2:10

Tanggal: 06/09/2020


– Allah memberi janji kepada Abraham, keturunan Abraham akan menjadi bangsa yang besar dan menjadi bangsa pilihan Allah.
– Allah mengulangi janjiNya kepada Ishak dan Yakub dan melalui Yakub, menjadi bangsa yang besar, bangsa Israel.
– Pada jaman Yakub, terjadi kelaparan yang besar di tanah Kanaan, sehingga Yakub bersama kamu keluarganya harus pindah ke Mesir (tinggal di daratan Goshen) dan pada saat itu Yusuf menjadi penguasa Mesir di bawah raja Firaun.
– Waktu berjalan terus dan tahun berganti. Yusuf meninggal dan raja Firaun juga digantikan dengan raja Firaun berikutnya.
– Sampai pada saat raja Firaun yang berkuasa di Mesir, tidak mengenal Yusuf dan tidak mengasihi Allah dan tidak mengasihi bangsa Israel.
– Raja Firaun melihat bangsa Israel makin lama semakin bertambah banyak dan dia takut pada suatu hari nanti bangsa Israel akan memberontak melawan bangsa Mesir.
– Raja Firaun menjadi marah dan memerintahkan bangsa Mesir untuk menjadikan bangsa Israel menjadi budak yang bekerja keras siang dan malam.
– Walaupun demikian Allah tetap memberkati bangsa Israel dan bangsa Israel tetap bertumbuh semakin banyak.
– Karena itu Raja Firaun memerintahkan para tentaranya untuk membunuh semua bayi laki-laki orang Ibrani yang lahir di Mesir dengan melemparkan bayi laki-laki ke sungai Nil supaya mereka mati tenggelam.
– Raja Firaun juga memerintahkan para bidan yang menolong untuk melahirkan, setiap bayi laki-laki orang Ibrani harus dibunuh.
– Akan tetapi, para bidan bangsa Ibrani takut akan Tuhan dan tidak membunuh bayi laki-laki orang Ibrani.
– Ada satu keluarga orang Ibrani, yang takut akan Tuhan, mempunyai seorang anak laki-laki dan memutuskan untuk merawat dan menjaga bayi ini.
– Setelah bayi ini semakin besar, orang tuanya tidak dapat menutupi tangisan bayi yang semakin keras.
– Ibunya memutuskan untuk membuat keranjang yang kuat dan tahan air untuk menaruh bayi ini dan akan di taruh di sungai Nil. Ibunya percaya bahwa Tuhan akan menjaga anak ini.
– Ibunya menyuruh kakak perempuan bayi ini Miryam untuk melihat dari kejauhan apa yang terjadi kepada bayi ini.
– Pada hari itu juga, putri Firaun pergi ke sungai Nil untuk mandi, dan dia melihat keranjang itu dan menyuruh pengawalnya untuk mengambil keranjang itu.
– Pada waktu membuka keranjang itu, putri Firaun melihat bayi yang mungil dan dia jatuh dengan belas kasihan dan mau memelihara bayi orang Ibrani itu.
– Miryam kakaknya, dengan segera datang ke putri Firaun ini dan menawarkan perawat yang dapat merawat bayi ini dan Miryam pergi ke ibunya untuk menjadi perawat bayi ini,
– Setelah cukup umur, anak ini diserahkan kepada putri Firaun menjadi anaknya dan diberi nama Moses dan dibesarkan di istana Firaun.
– Tuhan menjaga Moses karena Tuhan punya rencana yang besar bagi Moses untuk menjadi pemimpin bangsa Israel untuk keluar dari perbudakan di tanah Mesir.
– Tuhan juga mempunyai rencana untuk semua orang percaya. Walaupun, kita masih anak-anak, Tuhan mempunyai rencana yang indah bagi kita kalau kita mau percaya dan bersandar kepada Tuhan di dalam hidup kita.

Ayat Hafalan:

Nahum 1:7
The LORD…..cares for those who trust in Him.

Guru:Fendy Hosea


Bahan Alkitab: Matthew 1:1, 18-25, Luke 1:26-33, 2:4-7

Tanggal: 30/08/2020


By hearing the stories about the families of Adam and Eve, Noah, Abraham, Jacob and David, we learn that God keeps all his promises to his people. After Adam and Eve fell into sin, God promised to send a savior to save men from sin. Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and David looked forward to the coming of the Savior. They all believed that God would be faithful to His promise.
Many years passed. Finally it was the right time for God to keep his promise. Jesus was born in a manger in Bethlehem. Jesus obeyed what God the Father told him. He died on the cross to pay for our sins and came back to life on the third day and ascended to heaven.
God loves us very much. All along he had a plan to save his people. Jesus said that one day He will come for the 2nd time and those who believe in Him will live with Him forever. God is always true to His word and always fulfilled his promises. We have to trust Him with all our heart and obey His word.

Ayat Hafalan:

2 Samuel 7:28b
God has promised his good thing for your servant


23/08/2020 – God makea a Promise to David

Bahan Alkitab: 2 Samuel 7

Tanggal: 23/08/2020


After David became King of Israel, he wanted to build temple of God. He told Nathan about it. God has another plan. He said that the one that build the temple for Him will be David’s son. GOD promise that David’s kingdom will be forever. This is referring to His promise to send Savior later on through the descendant of David.
In our life, we have to be aware that God’s plan may be different from our plan and His plan is the best. We should obey His and follow His plan because He knows the best.

Ayat Hafalan:

2 Samuel 7:28b
God has promised this good thing for your servant.


16/08/2020 – God gives David victory

Bahan Alkitab: 1 Samuel 17

Tanggal: 16/08/2020


The reason why God choose David to be the king to replace Saul is because God sees what is in David’s heart.
David is a young man that really believe in God’s promise that He will take care of His people. While David is shepherding his sheep in the wilderness, David knows and aware that his help comes ONLY from God. Whenever he has to face wild animal such as lion or wild bear that wants to eat his sheep, he know that his strength to face all those animals comes from God.

The same mindset is with him when he has to face Goliath, the giant from Philistine army that mock Israelites army and mock at God. David knows that he has to do something about that. He cannot just stay quiet and still hearing all those mocking. He knows that his strength comes from God.

David face Goliath with just stones and catapult. He doesn’t even wear an armor.

When he swing a stone and hit Goliath at his forehead and Goliath fell down and dies, David knows the victory is given by God. It is not because of his power and strength.

We maybe facing some difficult time in our daily life. We should know and believe that God is faithful to all His promises and He will be with us and guide us through. The same way God has been with David.

Ayat Hafalan:

Isaiah 41 :10b
I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you.


09/08/2020 – God chooses David

Bahan Alkitab: 1 Samuel 8, 1 Samuel 16 : 1-13

Tanggal: 09/08/2020


Minggu lalu kita sudah mendengar Bible Story tentang Samuel. Dia adalah anak yang taat, mendengar perintah
Tuhan dan takut akan Tuhan, karena Samuel mengetahui bahwa Tuhan ada rencana untuk hidup samuel dan salah satu rencana Tuhan adalah mau pakai Samuel menjadi LEADER dari orang Israel, sampai satu waktu di mana orang Israel melihat Samuel sudah tua, lalu mereka berpikir nanti siapa yang pimpin mereka lagi. jadi orang Israel berkata “GIVE US A KING TO LEAD US” (1 Samuel 8:6) – berikanlah kepada kami, seorang raja untuk memerintah kami.

Dalam kitab Ulangan 17:14, Tuhan sudah memberitahukan bahwa jika orang Israel memilih raja, maka haruslah raja tersebut adalah orang yang Tuhan pilih, dan harus terus mempelajari perintah Tuhan dan masih banyak lagi intruksi yang Tuhan berikan.

Lalu Tuhan memilih seseorang yang bernama Saul, dan Tuhan perintahkan Samuel untuk mengurapi Saul. Mengurapi atau dalam bahasa Inggris adalah “annointed” sebagai suatu tanda bahwa dia adalah orang yang dipilih Tuhan menjadi raja. Cara mengurapi atau annointed ini adalah dengan menuangkan minyak ke kepala orang yang diurapi dengan menggunakan tanduk binatang atau “animal horn”

Tapi setelah Saul menjadi raja, dia menjadi raja yang tidak taat kepada perintah Tuhan dan suka melanggar perintah Tuhan. Diperintahkan jangan ambil barang barang dari orang orang Amalek yang sudah dikalahkan dalam perang. Saul tidak taat, dibawa pulang semua kambing dan domba nya. Padahal Tuhan sudah bilang tidak boleh melalui Samuel.

Jika kita lihat Tuhan berikan kita perintah banyak di Alkitab. Jangan ini jangan itu, harus ini dan harus itu.
Mungkin anak-anak bertanya mengapa banyak sekali perintah Tuhan ? jawabannya adalah karena Tuhan sayang sama kita semua. God loves you and me very much so he gives us his command as our guidance and protection so God’s plan and God’s will in our life will be fulfilled and we can glorify the Lord. When this happen, we will have rejoice and abundant joy and we make God happy.

Tapi Saul tidak berpikir seperti ini, akhirnya karena Saul tidak taat, Saul dihukum Tuhan. Samuel berkata “Engkau tidak mengikuti perintah Tuhan Allahmu yang diperintahkanNya kepadamu. Kiranya kamu taat, Tuhan akan kokohkan kerajaanmu atas orang Israel forever. Tapi sekarang kerajanmu tidak akan tetap. Tuhan telah memilih seorang yang berkenan di hatiNya dan Tuhan telah menunjuk dia jadi raja atas umatNya. Karena engkau tidak mengikuti yang diperintahkan Tuhan kepadamu (1 Samuel 15)

Jadi sekarang Tuhan sudah putuskan, Raja Saul akan diganti oleh raja lain. Sekarang teacher mau kasi lihat 2 gambar ya. Gambar pertama, pilih anak yang mana yang anak anak disini mau ajak main. Lalu gambar ke dua, mana yang paling bagus jadi raja.

Sekarang kita lihat bagaimana Samuel bertemu dengan raja pengganti Saul. Tuhan berkata dalam 1 Samuel 16 “Aku mengutus engkau kepada Isai orang Betlehem sebab d antara anaknya telah Kupilih seorang raja bagiKu”

Samuel Taat. Samuel pergi ke rumah ISAI. ISAI punya 8 anak laki laki. Setelah di rumah Isai, dipanggilah anak pertama Isai, Eliab. Begitu bertemu Eliab, Samuel kaget, dalam hatinya Samuel berkata, pasti yang ini yang dipilih Tuhan. Eliab tinggi dan besar badan nya. Inilah pasti yang Tuhan pilih.
But then The Lord said to Samuel “Do not consider his appearance or his height for I have rejected him. The Lord does not judge in the way people do. People look at the outside of a person, but God looks inside and sees the heart” (1 Samuel 16)

Tuhan berkata bahwa jangan pandang muka nya atau tinggi besar badan nya. Sebab Aku telah menolaknya. Bukan yang dilihat manusia yang dilihat Allah. Manusia melihat apa yang di depan mata. Tetapi Tuhan melihat hati. Lalu Isai panggil lagi anak yang ke 2, bernama Abinadab tapi Samuel tahu, orang inipun tidak dipilih Tuhan. Lalu isai panggil lagi anak ke 3 yang bernama Shammah, tapi juga bukan yang ini, sampai anak ke 4, 5, 6, 7 dan semua bukan yang Tuhan pilih. Lalu Samuel bertanya kepada Isai, inikah anakmu semua nya? Jawab Isai : There is still the youngest but he is a shepherd and is with the sheep now, taking care of them. Lalu dipanggil lah, anak yang paling kecil ini, Lalu datanglah anak yang shepherd ini, dan Tuhan berkata “Rise and anoint him. He is the one” Namanya siapa? Nama nya teacher kasitau, nama shepherd ini adalah David. Setelah David di anointed, apa besok langsung jadi raja. Not Yet. The time has not come yet. David balik lagi jaga domba dan David tau God has a plan for his life and David knew that he must obey God’s command. Trust the Lord with all his heart because God has a plan for his life.

Sama seperti anak anak disini, semua diciptakan oleh Tuhan. All of us created by God the creator and today we are being reminded to keep trust and obey the Lord because God has a plan for our life. It may not be easy. Like David, God train him by let him fighting with the Lion, Bear and Goliath, but we can see from the Bible, how God strengthen and help David and if we keep obey the Lord even if it is not easy but God promise to strengthen and help us, as the bible verse today. Lets keep your trust in the Lord always and keep obeying the Lord.
Praise the Lord.

Ayat Hafalan:

Yesaya 41:10
I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you.


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