07/11/2021 – God Reached Out in Love

Bahan Alkitab: Genesis 3

Tanggal: 07/11/2021


When Adam and Eve ate the fruit of the forbidden tree, they fell into sin. They began to feel afraid and ashamed and tried to cover themselves with leaves and hide from God among the trees. But God found them and reached out to them. First He killed an animal and use the skin to make clothes for them. Second, He promised to send a savior who can take care of their sin.

When God see human, broken, sinful, God didn’t throw us away. God reach out and save us. God loves us. God see our value, as we are created in His image. That is why God sent His son, Jesus to die on the cross to pay for our sin.
Everybody is different and unique. Some has curly hair, straight hair, big eyes, tall, short, etc. Some people can sing very well, some people are smart, some people can run very fast. God didn’t judge us because all of that. God see our heart. We have to trust and obey God.

Ayat Hafalan:

Romans 5:8
But God shows His love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us

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