29/11/2020 – Depending on Jesus

Bahan Alkitab: Exodus 19:1-8, Romans 8:3-4, Colossians 3:17, Philippians 1:6

Tanggal: 29/11/2020


1. The Israelites were thankful to God when God delivered them out from Egypt. But they did not obey God’s commandments. Is God surprised that no one can keep His law? Of course God knows NO, but the 10 commandments shows us how desperately we need a savior.
2. Salvation first and then the 10 commandments. The 10 commandments pointed out Israel’s need of a Savior, just as the law points out our need of a Savior.
3. But the law doesn’t brings Salvation, God’s law is good and perfect, but it cannot bring salvation because of our sin. It doesn’t mean the law is the most difficult laws and not achievable.
4. Therefore, God sent His only Son who kept the law perfectly in thought, word and deed. Jesus took the punishment we deserve to die for us so that we can be justified.
5. What will you feel when you received the best present in the world? If they ask you to do something for them, how do you feel about doing it? We’d be glad to do what have been asked.
6. Just like God gave us His Son to clean our sins and gives us a new heart so we can trust Christ to save us. He puts his Holy Spirit within us, changing on the inside. We have a thankful heart to please God.
7. But how should we respond to that? By relying on Jesus Christ.
8. Does this means we can fully be away from sins? No, we still need Holy spirit to keep us away from sins. For those of us who respond to the call of the gospel, for those who have been justified, God does a work of grace in our hearts and minds, sanctify us. This process is called sanctification, to make us more to be like Jesus. The sins are no longer our master and that sin’s dominion has been destroyed.
9. Depending on Jesus means trusting him to do what is best for us. He has given us a new heart and he is working in us to give us everything we need to finally become what God saved us to become when Jesus comes back – perfect sons and daughters of God.
10. God commands us to do everything in the power of the Lord Jesus Christ. But what if we failed? We’ll feel sad, but we know that God has fulfilled it and we can repent and change.

Ayat Hafalan:

Proverbs 3:5-6
Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.
In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.

Guru:Harry Koh
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