16/05/2021 – Adoniram Jadson

Bahan Alkitab: Adoniram Jadson

Tanggal: 16/05/2021


Point pengajaran: 
1. Acts 2:14-20, Peter explain about how Holy Spirit will help us as a believer in our faith and giving us strength to spread the word of God.
2. to be a believers, there are 2 things that need to happen:
– Aware that we are sinners
-Accept God truth thats in Jesus
3. God Convict the believer but their sin was paid for by the finish work of Christ on the cross
Genuine repentance
1. Faith (Turn to God)
2. Repentance (turn away from sin)

Adoniram Judson (1788–1850) and his first wife were among the first commissioned foreign missionaries in American history to Burma (Myanmar). At that time the kingdom was called Ava.
During his ministry there, he and his family endured torture and life threatening living condition.
He spent sometime of his life in jail but manage to get his work (his translation of The Bible to local language)done and spread it.
Adoniram’s translation work—his most important legacy—continues to reap gospel fruit in Myanmar and serve as an example for countless missionaries the world over.

Ayat Hafalan:

psalm 115:1
Not to us, O Lord, not to us, but to your name give glory,
    for the sake of your steadfast love and your faithfulness!


16/05/2021 – Adoniram Judson – week 3

Tanggal: 16/05/2021


1. There are 4 pictures with each captions.
2. Please print the 4 pictures with the captions and colour them.
3. Please cut the colored pictures and the captions and paste them to an A5 size 120gsm paper.
4. Each picture and caption on each page, so you will need 2 A5 size paper for this week activity.
5. If you have the activity from week 1, punch hole on the A5 papers on left hand side, then please combined them into the book of Adoniram Judson (Pahlawan Kota Emas).

1. Ada 4 gambar dengan masing-masing judul gambar.
2. Print gambar dengan judulnya dan warnailah gambar-gambarnya.
3. Setelah diwarnai, potong gambar dan judulnya lalu tempelkan pada kertas ukuran A5 dengan berat 120gsm (seperti kartu / karton).
4. Setiap gambar dan judul untuk 1 halaman, jadi untuk minggu ini, dibutuhkan 2 lembar kertas A5 120gsm.
5. Kalau ada activity dari minggu pertama, lubangi A5 papernya di sebelah kiri dan gabungkanlah dengan activity sebelumnya ke dalam buku biografi Adoniram Judson (Pahlawan Kota Emas).

Bahan Tambahan:


Guru: Melissa

16/05/2021 – Yunus pergi ke Niniveh

Bahan Alkitab: Yunus 3

Tanggal: 16/05/2021


* Manusia dicipta Tuhan dan Tuhan mengasihi manusia.
* Tuhan akan menghakimi manusia yang tdk taat kepadaNya.
* Tuhan mengasihi Niniwe dan mengirim Yunus untuk memberitakan penghukuman kepada Niniwe jika Niniwe tdk mau bertobat
* Jonah taat dan memberitahukan kepada Niniwe akan rencana penghukuman Tuhan jika mereka tdk bertobat
* Niniwe bertobat – berbalik dari perbuatan mereka yang jahat dan minta pengampunan kepada Tuhan
* Tuhan berbelas kasihan kepada Niniwe dan mengampuni Niniwe dan membatalkan hukumanNya terhadap Niniwe.

Ayat Hafalan:

Jonah 2:9b
Salvation belongs to the Lord

Guru:Indrawati Audi

16/05/2021 – Adoniram Judson – Menghadap raja

Bahan Alkitab: Kisah Para Rasul 13:47

Tanggal: 16/05/2021


Act 13:47
“I have made you a light for the Gentiles, that you may bring salvation to the ends of the earth.”

Adoniram Judson saw lots of zayat and decided to build 1 zayat specially for Christian teaching, after 1 month time to build zayat and 6 years of gospel preaching, first man came to be baptized. His name is Maung Naw.
His baptized date was on June 27, 1819. then came Maung Ing who claimed that “I love Jesus than my own life” and then next person to be baptized were Maung Thahlah and Maung Byaay.

There are also Maung Shway Gaung who was looking for the truth about God existence but still afraid of the King.
so Adoniram decided to go to Kingdom of Ava and met with the King, together with Maung Naw and Coleman, three of them went by sailing on the Irrawady river cover 700 km journey in 30 days.
They brought Bible wrapped in gold cover as a precious gift for the King.

After they reached Ava and passed all procedures to meet the King, they able to meet King Bagi Daw but then King rejected them, throw the tract and refuse to accept the Bible.

But God has His own way by sending Dr Price the eye surgeon who was then being invited by King Bagi Daw because of Dr Price skills which was rare in Burma at that time. Later Adoniram joined Dr Price to meet the King Bagi Daw as translator and then King Bagi Daw became friendly to him and asked “Is there any Burma people who became Christian?”

Adoniram answered, “Yes they are ”
King asked again,” Do they still wear our traditional clothes?”
Adoniram said,” Yes they are. They same like other Burma people. I preached the gospel in Burmese language” King suprised and said,” in Burmese language?? ok so now please preach to us too here !”
So Adoniram with no delay, preached the gospel and he asked for God’s help and God helped him and lots of people listened to his preaching.

Learning Point from Adoniram’s life :
1. He did his best and with all his heart for God’s glory
2. He never give up when facing hard situation
3. He always trust God and lean on God
4. He studied Burmese language in 3 years and 12 hours a day, together with his wife
5. Whatever we do in our life if we do it our best, with all our heart and for God’s glory, God can use it as a tool as a blessings for others
6. Do your best in everything
7. Find a spouse who is someone who is believe in God ,go to church, and like to pray and love God so much.

Ayat Hafalan:

Kisah para rasul 13:47
I have made you a light for the gentiles, that you may bring salvation to the ends of the earth


16/05/2021 – Peter’s Sermon at Pentecost & Adoniram Judson

Bahan Alkitab: Acts 2:14-41

Tanggal: 16/05/2021


Points of Learning:
Cognitive: Peter’s sermon on the day of Pentecost touched the listeners and they repented.
Affective: Children realized that the Holy Spirit worked through God’s words to convict sinners.
Psychomotor: Children thank for God’s grace to save them and examine their own growth and struggle for holiness as faithful Christians.

Cognitive: Adoniram’s story shows God using missionaries to share gospel & save people in Burma.
Affective: Children realized that missionaries were willing to suffer and work hard because they understood God’s love for sinners.
Psychomotor: Children want to equip themselves to be used by God in showing God’s love to others. for example, learning languages, studying the bible, music etc.

Ayat Hafalan:

Rom 10:17
So faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ.

Bahan Tambahan:



16/05/2021 – Adoniram Judson Week 3

Bahan Alkitab: Adoniram Judson

Tanggal: 16/05/2021


God led Adoniram to build a zayat, a place where locals normally rested and listened to Buddhist teachers’ preaching. Adoniram thought this was a good idea and he made it into a Christian zayat instead, where he would share the Gospel and worship. It was opened for anyone to come and listen to the Gospel. Many had come, some were out of curiosity, some were to check who this foreigner was but there was a humble man, Maung Naw who diligently came everyday to sincerely learn. God opened Maung Naw’s heart to accept Jesus and gave himself to be baptized, to be the first Christian in Myanmar.

On the decided date, Adoniram brought Maung Naw to a nearby pool, baptized him in the name of the Father, and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Adoniram prayed that Maung Naw would be followed by many more people in Myanmar to accept Jesus. He also prayed that God would protect the first Christian in Myanmar. After this first baptism, many came and some built temporary houses behind the Christian zayat so they could go there to visit Judson’s family and learn the word of God. God added the number of believers, there were another three men asked to be baptized. But some asked to be baptized at night, in fear of being caught, so Adoniram did. Adoniram really worried for their safety for being Christians.

Adoniram could not take it anymore so he planned to see Myanmar King in Ava. He wanted to ask for permission to share the Gospel freely in Myanmar. He prayed that God would open the way and protect him in this tough mission. Adoniram prepared a bible as a gift to give to the King. However, the King threw the bible that Adoniram brought and ignored his request to share Gospel freely in Myanmar. Adoniram was very disappointed and decided to go back home to America. He thought who would want to listen to the Good News that had been rejected by the King. But the local Christian pleaded him to stay and serve them until they grow in number. This request touched Adoniram’s heart and made him stay in Myanmar.

When Adoniram felt that everything seems to be not working, he was rejected by the King, then his wife was sick and had to fly back to America to get treated, God sent another missionary called Dr. Price. Dr. Price was a talented surgeon who treated sick men in Rangoon. Soon, this news reached the King and he wanted Dr. Price to see him. Adoniram went to accompany Dr. Price to see the King as his translator. Adoniram had never thought that he would be able to visit the palace again and see the King. Not only able to come and see the King, God opened an opportunity for Adoniram to share the Good News to the King.

God works in a way that we do not understand. We see that Adoniram faced many challenges in his ministry, such as opposition in religion and culture, health and safety. But Adoniram feared God more than man. He did not know the future, nor what was to come but he walked in faith in the LORD. We too can be used by God, whatever our talent is. We learn to be faithful with what entrusted to us so we can be used by God.

Ayat Hafalan:

Acts 13:47
I have made you a light for the Gentiles, that you may bring salvation to the ends of the earth.


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