25/07/2021 – Be pure in heart and mind

Bahan Alkitab: Genesis 39 and Philippians 4:8

Tanggal: 25/07/2021


Exodus 20:14
Philippians 4:8
Genesis 39
Be Pure in heart and Mind.
Subject of adultery…God commands faithfulness in marriage. Based on God’s word and God teaches us that marriage is a total commitment. It is a relationship where husband and wife become one. (Gen 2:24) because it is patterned after the love of Jesus Christ for his church.
Joseph background – Joseph was born in Jacob’s family in his old age together with his younger brother Benjamin. Joseph and Benjamin were loved dearly by his father. One day Jacob gave him a beautiful robe and that makes his brothers jealous or resentful towards him why the daddy has a special treatment towards Joseph. Not only that Joseph also told them about his dream and they don’t like about his dream. Therefore, they have planned a wicked things in their mind to took away his robe and kill him. But God has helped Joseph, he wasn’t killed but they sold him to some trader / traveler as a slave for 20 pieces of silver.
Joseph at the Potiphar’s house.
Joseph the handsome young Hebrew man…who was sold by his brother because of jealously. To one of an Egypt man called Potiphar. Joseph is a man after God’s own heart although he was sold as a slave in Egypt but he does everything for the glory of God’s name. He has done his best, He obey God’s word in everything he does. His obedient heart and mind were turned toward the Lord. Therefore, the important captain Potiphar’s was trusted Joseph with everything including his crops, livestock and all his business dealings. From that time on, The Lord blessed Potiphar’s home and everything he owned because of Joseph.
Joseph was a handsome and well-build young man and Potiphar’s wife like the way he looked and began to think about him and want him for herself. Many times, she has been trying to invite Joseph to spend time with her alone in her bedroom. Her thoughts were not pure, selfish and sinful. But Joseph refused and he said “My master trusts me with everything that he has, I will not dishonor him. How could I behave as though I were your husband? That would be a very wicked thing. Joseph said, besides how could I sin against God in this way? Joseph said and did the right thing because his thought were pure. But Potiphar’s wife would not listen and she’s getting upset as she couldn’t get what she wants. Each time Joseph refuse and try to keep away from her as much as possible.
One day, however Joseph taking care all his responsibility and none of the household servants were around. Potiphar’s wife saw the opportunity to get a hold of Joseph. She grabbed his coat and said “come to my room” she demanded. But Joseph, tore himself away leaving his coat in her hand as he ran out of the house. She began screaming after she ran outside and her servants came running to her side. She tried to twist the story by saying the “Hebrew young slave whom my husband trust try to fool of me, she cried” He tried to force me to spend time alone with him, but when I screamed for help, he ran off and leaving his coat behind. She told the same story to her husband “Potiphar”. Potiphar believes in his wife and furious towards Joseph. Put him in jail to punish him. But the Lord was in control of everything that happened to Joseph and he was with him in prison too.
The chief Jailer was discovered Joseph was a good man, godly character man and he put Joseph in charge of all the prisoners and over everything happened in the prison. After Joseph was allowed to leave prison, God continued to pour his blessing into Joseph’s life. Joseph obeyed God, always putting him first and God honored him.
Therefore, Ephesians 5:22-23 – mentioned that God was against sexual immorality because it will betray the love and unity of marriage. Violates the family and tears at this holy institution designed by God himself. Without a savior who can help us, we can’t keep God’s word or walk in his ways.

Ayat Hafalan:

Exodus 20:14
You shall not commit adultery.


25/07/2021 – Serving God by Helping Others

Bahan Alkitab: Acts 9 : 36-42

Tanggal: 25/07/2021


Di kota Yope, ada seorang wanita bernama Dorkas yang pintar membuat baju. Dia pakai kepintarannya jadi berkat buat orang lain. Dorkas membuat baju utk banyak orang. Ia seorang wanita yang baik hati dan suka membantu orang lain. Suatu hari Dorkas sakit parah. Waktu Dorkas sakit, teman2nya coba cari obat, cari dokter untuk dia tapi ga ada yang bisa sembuhin Dorkas. Penyakit Dorkas makin parah, dan akhirnya Dorkas meninggal.

When Dorcas was dead, all of her friends were very sad. They cried, they loved Dorcas. Then one of the friend said “Eh, I heard Peter was nearby. We should go and call Peter to come here. Maybe God will be able to do a miracle to Dorcas.” Maka mereka cepat2 pergi cari Peter dan minta Peter datang ke kota Yope. Waktu Peter sampai di kota Yope, di rumah Dorcas dia melihat banyak wanita yang sedang menangisi Dorkas. Mereka menunjukkan baju-baju yang Dorkas buat untuk mereka.

Peter told everyone to leave the room. Then Peter knelt down and prayed. After that he said, “Dorcas get up.” And right away Dorcas opened her eyes and looked at Peter. She sat up and Peter helped her to stand up. What a wonderful miracle ! God had brought Dorcas to life.Peter called all Dorcas’ friends back to the room and everyone was so happy to see Dorcas is alive. Everybody praise God. The news about Dorcas spread all over the city and many people believed in Jesus for what God has done for Dorcas.

Anak-anak, kita semua sudah menerima kasih Tuhan. Kita harus share kasih Tuhan kepada orang lain. God has loved us, and we must share His love to others. You may not be able to make a shirt like Dorcas, but you have what it takes to serve God. God can use us to be blessing for others. God gives each of us our own skills and talents, you can use it to help others. Some of you may be a good storyteller too, you can tell the good news about Jesus to others. Some of you may be good in drawing, music, or math. You can help your friends in those subjects. You can serve God by helping each other. Helping your friends, helping your parents, help to take care of this world. God gives us power and love to help others.

Ayat Hafalan:

Galatians 5 : 14b
You shall love your neighbor as yourself.


17/07/2021 – Love and Protect Human Live

Bahan Alkitab: EXODUS 20 : 13 & Genesis 4:2b – 16

Tanggal: 17/07/2021


Bible story minggu mengenai Hukum ke -6 yaitu “jangan mumbunuh”, yaitu mengenai pembunuhan manusia pertama yang di lakukan oleh Kain thd Habil adiknya.

Kain tidak senang saat melihat bahwa kurban persembahan adiknya Habil di terima oleh Tuhan, sedang Tuhan tidak menerima kurban persembahannya.

Kain mengajak adiknya habil ke suatu tempat dan kemudian membunuhnya dan akhirnya Kain di hukum oleh Tuhan, menjadi seorang pelarian dan pengembara di bumi.”

Point Pengajaran :
01. Setiap dari kita yg keturunan Adam mempunyai dosa turunan, walaupun seorang bayi yang baru lahir juga adalah orang berdosa. Kondisi berdosa bukan hanya perbuatan tetapi status kita yang sudah berdosa.

02. Pembunuhan di lakukan oleh karena ada kebencian di dlm hati. membunuh adalah perbuatan yang kelihatan, tetapi itu di mulai dari hati yang membenci.

03. kita harus menghargai hidup sesama, krn Yesus sudah rela mati untuk manusia yang berdosa, kita tidak berhak utk mengambil nyawa orang lain.

Ayat Hafalan:

EXODUS 20 : 13 (ESV)
“You shall not murder”

Bahan Tambahan:



25/07/2021 – Serving God by Helping Others

Bahan Alkitab: Acts 9:36-42

Tanggal: 25/07/2021


Murid-murid Tuhan Yesus giat mengabarkan Injil, dan banyak orang menjadi percaya. Salah satunya adalah seorang wanita bernama Dorcas (Tabitha) di kota Yope. Dorcas mengasihi Tuhan. Dia mau melayani Tuhan dengan menolong orang lain. Karena dia pintar menjahit, dia banyak membuat baju untuk orang-orang miskin. Suatu hari Dorcas sakit dan akhirnya meninggal. Banyak orang menjadi sedih. Kebetulan Petrus ada di dekat situ, dan dipanggil datang ke rumah Dorcas. Ia melihat banyak orang yang sedih dan memperlihatkan baju yang dibuat oleh Dorcas. Petrus berlutut dan berdoa pada Tuhan. Lalu ia berkata, Tabitha (Dorcas), bangkitlah. Dorcas membuka matanya dan hidup kembali. Semua orang disana menjadi takjub dan gembira. Banyak orang menjadi percaya Tuhan setelah Dorcas hidup kembali.
Dorcas sepanjang hidupnya melayani Tuhan dengan menolong orang lain dan sudah menjadi berkat untuk orang banyak, bahkan waktu ia meninggal juga menjadi berkat.
Bagaimana dengan kita? Apakah kita mau melayani Tuhan? Maukah kita menjadi berkat untuk orang lain? Tuhan sudah lebih dahulu mengasihi kita, biarlah kita juga mempunyai hati yang mau memperhatikan dan menolong orang lain.

Ayat Hafalan:

Galatians 5:14b
You shall love your neighbor as yourself


25/07/2021 – God Called Samuel

Bahan Alkitab: 1 Samuel 3

Tanggal: 25/07/2021


Bible Truth :
– God called Samuel to serve him in a special way.
– God spoke to his people through Samuel, the prophet.

Lesson Aim :
To understand that God speaks through the Bible and we should trust and obey Him.

Ayat Hafalan:

Psalm 143 :10a
Teach me to do your will, for you are my God


18/07/2021 – Making Our Hearts Ready

Bahan Alkitab: Acts 16 : 11-15

Tanggal: 18/07/2021


One day, in Troas, when Paul was sleeping, he had a dream. He saw a man of Macedonia was standing and saying, “Come over to Macedonia and help us.” Paul, Silas, Timothy obeyed God’s calling and went to Macedonia.

On Sabbath day, they went out to a riverside, because they heard that people were praying there. Yes, they found some women had gathered there. Paul began speaking to the women. He told them about Jesus Christ. He told them how Jesus died on the cross for the sins of men. He told them how Jesus rose from the death and returned to heaven. And after that, Jesus sent Holy Spirit to all believers so they could serve the Lord. A woman named Lydia; she was a seller of purple clothes. During that time, purple clothes was very expensive. Usually, only kings and rich people wear purple clothes. Lydia listened to every word Paul said. God opened her heart and she believed in Jesus Christ as Savior. After that she and her family were being baptized. Now she is ready to serve God. She asked Paul, Silas, and Timothy to come and stay in her house. Lydia wanted to serve God thru helping God’s servants. She wanted them to have good food, a nice place to rest so they had time to tell others the good news about Jesus.

Children, we are all called by God. When we hear God’s Word, Holy Spirit works in our heart and make us believed in Jesus as our Savior. Later, we are baptized. Some of you may have been baptized when you were a baby. God said we must grow in Him. How can we grow? By reading bible and pray every day. Then just like Lydia, we want to serve God to give thanks to God. How can we serve God? We can serve God by serving others. Eg. Share food, toys, give seats in bus/mrt for those who need them, help to carry groceries bags, etc.

Ayat Hafalan:

Galatians 5 : 14b
You shall love your neighbour as yourself.


Warta Ibadah Minggu 18 Juli 2021

18 JULI 2021

Pelayan Ibadah

Kegiatan Rutin

Sesuai dengan peraturan yang ditetapkan oleh Pemerintah Singapore, beberapa perubahan kebaktian GRII Singapore mulai bulan Juli 2021 adalah sebagai berikut:

  • Kebaktian pagi: The Alexcier #03-05, pk. 10.30
  • Kebaktian sore: The Alexcier #03-05 dan TrueWay Presbyterian Church, pk. 17.00
  • Semua kelas sekolah minggu akan dibuka kembali di Trueway Presbyterian Church, pk. 17.00. Kelas toddler bertempat di The Alexcier #03-05.

Wajib daftar melalui website rec-singapore.org. Kebaktian pagi dan sore dapat juga diikuti melalui Zoom.

Semua kegiatan selain ibadah akan dilangsungkan melalui Zoom. Jemaat dapat mengikuti keterangan perubahan ini melalui website rec-singapore.org.


  • Kelas Katekisasi akan dimulai tanggal 18 Juli 2021 pk. 15.00 secara fisik di TrueWay Presbyterian Church ruang 406. Pendaftaran: sekretariat@grii-singapore.org


Persembahan untuk GRII Singapore dapat diberikan melalui:
* Transfer: a/n Reformed Evangelical Church (Singapore) UOB No. Rekening 357-301-815-8
* PayNow: UEN T08SS0080L (QR Code bisa diperoleh di website: www.rec-singapore.org)
Mohon mencantumkan referensi:
* Kantong biru: IND-Offering Blue
* Kantong merah: IND-Offering Red
* Perpuluhan: IND-Tithe
Kantong merah:
* Minggu ke-1: Evangelism
* Minggu ke-2: Church Education
* Minggu ke-3: Cultural Mandate
* Minggu ke-4: Church Development
* Minggu ke-5: Social cause

Doa Bapa Kami

Bapa kami yang di sorga, dikuduskanlah nama-Mu,

datanglah Kerajaan-Mu, jadilah kehendak-Mu di bumi seperti di sorga.

Berikanlah kami pada hari ini makanan kami yang secukupnya.

Dan ampunilah kami akan kesalahan kami,

seperti kami juga mengampuni orang yang bersalah kepada kami,

dan janganlah membawa kami ke dalam pencobaan,

tetapi lepaskanlah kami dari yang jahat,

karena Engkaulah yang empunya Kerajaan dan kuasa dan kemuliaan

sampai selama-lamanya.


Pengakuan Iman Rasuli

01 Aku percaya kepada Allah, Bapa yang Maha Kuasa, Khalik langit dan bumi.

02 Dan kepada Yesus Kristus, AnakNya yang tunggal, Tuhan kita.

03 Yang dikandung dari Roh Kudus, lahir dari anak dara Maria.

04 Yang menderita sengsara di bawah pemerintahan Pontius Pilatus, disalibkan, mati dan dikuburkan (turun ke dalam kerajaan maut).

05 Pada hari yang ketiga bangkit pula dari antara orang mati.

06 Naik ke Sorga, duduk di sebelah kanan Allah, Bapa yang Maha Kuasa.

07 Dan dari sana Ia akan datang untuk menghakimi orang yang hidup dan yang mati.

08 Aku percaya kepada Roh Kudus.

09 Gereja yang kudus dan Am, Persekutuan orang kudus.

10 Pengampunan dosa.

11 Kebangkitan Tubuh.

12 Dan hidup yang kekal.


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