27/06/2021 – Serving The Lord with Courage

Bahan Alkitab: Acts 4

Tanggal: 27/06/2021


What is the greatest power? Is it the one that superpower have? NO. Because it can only save people from bad guy. The greatest power is the power that save people from eternal death. That power is given to God’s children.

That power was shown by Peter and John in Acts 4 where they preached and tell people about the salvation in Jesus Christ and performed miracle. The lame man can walk again. That is a miracle. Peter and John performed this miracle with the power of Holy Spirit. The Sadducees were unhappy and felt threatened. They knew that Peter and John are just ordinary people. They scared that with such power, Peter and John will caused chaos among the Jews. But they cannot kept Peter and John in prison as they did not do something wrong. They release Peter and John. Other believers who has been praying for Peter and John were rejoicing.

The power of Holy Spirit enable Peter and John to share Gospel with power. They proclaimed that salvation is only by the blood of Jesus Christ who died on the cross. The same power is also given to us. Power to share Gospel. Power to save people from Eternal death. Power to proclaim that Jesus is the only way for salvation.

Ayat Hafalan:

Joshua 24:18b
We too will serve the Lord because He is our God

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