25/07/2021 – Serving God by Helping Others

Bahan Alkitab: Acts 9 : 36-42

Tanggal: 25/07/2021


Di kota Yope, ada seorang wanita bernama Dorkas yang pintar membuat baju. Dia pakai kepintarannya jadi berkat buat orang lain. Dorkas membuat baju utk banyak orang. Ia seorang wanita yang baik hati dan suka membantu orang lain. Suatu hari Dorkas sakit parah. Waktu Dorkas sakit, teman2nya coba cari obat, cari dokter untuk dia tapi ga ada yang bisa sembuhin Dorkas. Penyakit Dorkas makin parah, dan akhirnya Dorkas meninggal.

When Dorcas was dead, all of her friends were very sad. They cried, they loved Dorcas. Then one of the friend said “Eh, I heard Peter was nearby. We should go and call Peter to come here. Maybe God will be able to do a miracle to Dorcas.” Maka mereka cepat2 pergi cari Peter dan minta Peter datang ke kota Yope. Waktu Peter sampai di kota Yope, di rumah Dorcas dia melihat banyak wanita yang sedang menangisi Dorkas. Mereka menunjukkan baju-baju yang Dorkas buat untuk mereka.

Peter told everyone to leave the room. Then Peter knelt down and prayed. After that he said, “Dorcas get up.” And right away Dorcas opened her eyes and looked at Peter. She sat up and Peter helped her to stand up. What a wonderful miracle ! God had brought Dorcas to life.Peter called all Dorcas’ friends back to the room and everyone was so happy to see Dorcas is alive. Everybody praise God. The news about Dorcas spread all over the city and many people believed in Jesus for what God has done for Dorcas.

Anak-anak, kita semua sudah menerima kasih Tuhan. Kita harus share kasih Tuhan kepada orang lain. God has loved us, and we must share His love to others. You may not be able to make a shirt like Dorcas, but you have what it takes to serve God. God can use us to be blessing for others. God gives each of us our own skills and talents, you can use it to help others. Some of you may be a good storyteller too, you can tell the good news about Jesus to others. Some of you may be good in drawing, music, or math. You can help your friends in those subjects. You can serve God by helping each other. Helping your friends, helping your parents, help to take care of this world. God gives us power and love to help others.

Ayat Hafalan:

Galatians 5 : 14b
You shall love your neighbor as yourself.

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