21/02/2021 – Love your enemy

Bahan Alkitab: Matthew 5:44

Tanggal: 21/02/2021


God has given His command to love our enemy but do you realize that actually, we were God’s enemy before.
We do not obey the Lord. We do not respect the Lord but God loves us, his enemy and God even sent His Only Son to die for us so we can be saved. Therefore, we realized that God loves us so much and so we have our position is being changed from God’s enemy become God’s children.

God loves little children very very much. One of the great painting by Mr. Carl Heinrich Bloch shown how Jesus hold the little children dearly while looking at the disciple which from the bible, we knew, Jesus said “Let the little children come to me”

As children of God, we also was given a command to love our enemy, as God has loved us when we were not obeying Him. The source is in the bible where Jesus taught this on the Sermon on the Mount at Matthew 5:44.

Can we as Christian, follow God to do this.
Matthew 5:44
Love your enemy and pray for those who persecute you.

Here is 5 summary to remind all of us why we have to love our enemy :

C – CHILDREN of God – we have received God’s love and we want to channel God’s love to others and also our enemy

D – we are DIFFERENT – if we love others who loves us, what makes us different with the one who is non believer. They also love the one who love them, but since we are children of God we dont come from this world, but from the Lord, we want to copy our God we want to follow God’s command.

E – we were God’s ENEMY – but God love us and God even sent HIS ONLY SON to die for us so we can be saved. God loves us and especially little children very very much. As painting by Mr. Carl Heinrich Bloch that shown God’s love to little children who were God’s enemy

F – God love us FIRST – who love us first, who loves us very very much, is GOD so we, once again, want to follow God

G – GOD is love – GOD loves our enemy too. GOD gives sun and rain to them too. God died for them too therefore we have to love our enemy and pray for them who persecute you

Please remember too that :
1. if you love ME, you obey ME
2. pray and ask God’s help to love our enemy
3. pray for your enemy. Say their name in your prayer
4. if you fail, start again, don’t give up and keep obeying the Lord
5. we live to make God happy. It is God’s will and not our will
6. Joy and peace will be given to the one who obey the Lord

Soli Deo Gloria

Ayat Hafalan:

Matthew 5: 44
Love you enemy and pray for those who persecute you

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