20/06/2021 – Abigail: Smart and Bold

Bahan Alkitab: 1 Samuel 25; Romans 12:17

Tanggal: 20/06/2021


David sent 10 of his young men to Nabal during Sheep Shearing Festival to ask for some favor since they have never harm Nabal’s shepherd and have been good to them. Nabal not only rejected David’s request but in an insulting manner which made David angry and David decided to slaughter all the males of Nabal’s house.

Nabal’s young man seeks Abigail on this issue and she hastily acts by preparing some gifts for David and she rode to him immediately. Abigail spoke with David, she apologizes on behalf of Nabal as well as asking David not to regard what Nabal has said. She understands that David has been fighting the battles of the LORD and reasoned with David by saying that once he became the prince of Israel, it is better not to grief of ever having bloodguilt because he is working salvation himself.

David blessed God and her for God has sent Abigail to remind David and decided not to continue what he is planning. Upon hearing the truth Nabal fell into stone and passed away in 10 days. Once the news broke to David, he asked Abigail to be his wife.

We learned that God does not like paying evil for evil, and God can use someone weak, like Abigail, amid war. God gave her the wisdom to speak and be a peacemaker as well as restraining David from making the mistake of working his salvation.

Ayat Hafalan:

Romans 12:17
Repay no one evil for evil, but give thought to do what is honorable in the sight of all.

Guru:Han Beng
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