09/05/2021 – Adoniram Judson Week 2

Bahan Alkitab: Adoniram Judson

Tanggal: 09/05/2021


After the stay in the inn, Adoniram went back to his home. His father told Adoniram to go to theology seminary. Theology seminary is a place where people can learn about God and prepare them to be a pastor. In the seminary, Adoniram returned to God. He believed that he only can be saved in Jesus Christ and he know how much God has loved him. He said “Lord, I want to go to tell Gospel to anywhere you send me.” One day he read a writing from a missonary about Burma. He prayed If it’s God’s will, I want to go to Burma to tell Gospel.”

Yes, it is God’s plan for Adoniram to be a missionary. God also give a wife to be his helper. Her name was Ann. Together Adoniram and Ann went to India. But when they reached India. They saw an old ship was going to Burma. They rode on the ship. Because the ship was so old, few times it almost sank. Ann was sick on the ship. It was a dangerous journey but they kept going. Finally after few months, they arrived in Rangoon. Most of people there were Buddhist. When Adoniram and Ann said that they came to Burma to tell about Jesus, many people laughed at them. They said, no way they will believe in Jesus. Burmese people believe in Buddha. They never accept other religion.

Now Adoniram and Ann must find a home to stay. They looked around finally they found a house but its not a good one, coz next to the house where the place criminals were punished and killed. Everyday they saw and heard how bad people were being hit and punished. One day Ann said “I can’t take it anymore everyday I need to see so much suffering and horrible punishments. I will go to the major and ask for a new house.” Ann went and yes the major gave them a land where they can built their new house. In the new house, Adoniram started to translate Bible from English to Burmese. God gave them a son, they named him George. Adoniram and Ann were happy to have a son. But, unfortunately.. small baby George can’t take the super hot weather in Burma. When he was 8 months old, George had fever and died. Adoniram and Ann were sad, but they prayed “Let Your will, O Lord be done.”

Adoniram continued to translate Bible and made tracts in Burmese and distribute them to many Burmese people. One day a friend came and brought a printing machine, Adoniram was so happy now he didn’t need to write one by one but can print a lot of copies. Means more people can read the Bible and tracts and know about Jesus. One year in Burma, no one Burmese believe in Jesus. Second year also seems like nothing happen. They wondered do people read the tracts they gave, or they just threw it away? At last, after 4 years came one Burmese to their house and asked “How long I need to learn about Jesus?”Adoniram asked, “From where u heard about Jesus?” He said, “From the tracts.” Adoniram knew the tracts have been used by God to attract Burmese people to know about Jesus. He praised God. God bless their ministry. All the sufferings, difficulities they have for these years gave them joy knowing that God is with them and people are started to know about Jesus.

GRII ada melakukan penginjilan ke banyak kota di Indonesia dan seluruh dunia. Its not an easy thing to do. The travelling from one city to another city are difficult and sometimes can be very long. When we serve God, it may not easy. We may have difficulties but we know God never leave us. God bless us who serve Him. God give joy when we serve Him. So Children, don’t be afraid to serve God. God is always be with us. God will give us strength we need to serve Him.

Ayat Hafalan:

Acts 13 : 47
I have made you a light for the Gentiles, that you may bring salvation to the ends of the earth.

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