08/08/2021 – Telling Others and Giving

Bahan Alkitab: Acts 11:19-30

Tanggal: 08/08/2021



Recap last week prayer project, to pray for others according to the given Prayer Calendar. The children is encouraged to follow the Prayer Calendar even though it is already more than a week.

Main pointers/objectives for the story:

1. To tell others about Jesus.
2. To empathise with others.
3. To give help to others.

Story summary:

The children invited to have the Bible with them as they are going to listen to the Bible story taken from the book of Acts.

Some disciples of Jesus came to the city of Antioch. They realised that there were no other followers of Jesus living in Antioch. There was no church there. So the disciples of Jesus were going to share about Jesus to the people of Antioch. The disciples told the people in Antioch to believe in Jesus and how they would be saved. The Holy Spirit was with them, and a large number of people in Antioch believed in Jesus.

Barnabas was sent to Antioch to lead the work in Antioch. When Barnabas got to Antioch, he witnessed God’s work and he was very glad. Barnabas spoke to large group of followers, so that people could obey the Lord with all their hearts. The Holy Spirit caused even more people to put their faith in Jesus.

Barnabas needed another leader to help. He approached Paul. Paul agreed and worked together with Barnabas in Antioch to teach the people about Jesus. Barnabas and Paul taught the people for the whole year. The people in Antioch learned to love and serve God, and to serve one another. The followers of Jesus were first called “Christians” in Antioch.

A man named Agabus came from Jerusalem to Antioch. Agabus said that soon there would be no more food to eat in all the Roman world. The Christians in Antioch gathered money and gave it to Barnabas and Paul, so they could buy food for those who are hungry. Barnabas and Paul took the offering to the church in Jerusalem. The Christians in Antioch were glad that they could give to those who were hungry and serve God through this.

Ayat Hafalan:

James 5:16a
Pray for each other

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