07/02/2021 – Jesus said “Loves God Best”

Bahan Alkitab: Mark 10:17-27, Luke 21:1-3

Tanggal: 07/02/2021


In the Bible, there is a story about 2 persons that are totally the opposite.
The first story is about a young man who is very rich. When he was a little boy, he has 2 pouches. Everytime he did something good, he will collect it in bag number 1, which he put in front of him. Everytime he did something bad , he will throw it to bag number 2 which he put behind him. As time passes, he grows. He is getting bigger and taller. His 2 bags are also getting bigger. When this young man is old enough to work, he started to work and earn money. He uses his money to buy things that he loves, such as books, clothes, shoes, toys. All these he put in bag number 3. He loves all the stuff he has in bag number 3 and doesn’t want to be parted with them. He is thinking how he can live forever so he can enjoy all these nice things that he has.
One day, he met Jesus. He has heard people saying that Jesus knows how to have eternal life. So he asked Jesus that question. He also told him that he has been doing a lot of good things in his life and shows Jesus how big is his bag number 1. He forgot that he still have another bag, which is bag number 2 where he put all this wrong doing. He thought that will all his good deeds he exchange it with eternal life.
But Jesus said, “No. You have to give up your bag number 3. Sell those and give the money to the poor. then you can have eternal life”
This young man is very sad to hear that. He loves his bag number 3. No way he will let it go.
Sadly, he went home.
The second story is about an old lady who has no husband and children. She is very poor. She only has 2 coins in her pocket. During the time that she goes to church and it is time to give offering, she took out all the 2 coins and give it as her offering.
Jesus said to His disciple. This old lady loves God and trust that God will provide her. She is saved. She will have eternal life.
Jesus is willing to die for us on the cross so we will have eternal life. How should we respond to this? We should be thankful. We should love Him more than we love anything else that actually will faded over time. Nothing is more important than Jesus as our Saviour.

Ayat Hafalan:

Matthew 22:17a
Love the Lord your God with all your heart.

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