02/05/2021 – Adoniram Judson Week 1

Bahan Alkitab: Adoniram Judson

Tanggal: 02/05/2021


Missionary are people who leave their home to go to a new place to tell people there about Jesus. Why do people want to be missionary? Because missionary know that people need to hear about Jesus and be saved, God has saved them and now they want to be used by God to save more people. This month we will learn from one missionary : Adoniram Judson.

Adoniram was born in America about 200 years ago. His father was a pastor. Adoniram was a very smart boy, at age of 3 his mother taught him to read and he could read whole chapter by himself. When the father came back, the father was surprise to see how smart Adoniram was. Adoniram has known Jesus since young. When Adoniram 14 years old, he was terribly ill. He thought “Where will I go after I die? What will happen to me?” Then he remembered one Bible verse “To God’s name give glory.” At the moment he realised he must give his life to God. After Adoniram recovered, he went to university. In the university, Adoniram met one good friend his name Jacob Earnest. Jacob Earnest was smart, Adoniram liked to talk with him. But Jacob didn’t believe in God. He said there is no God, there is no heaven and hell. Slowly, Adoniram lost his faith to Jesus. He did not believe in Jesus anymore. After he graduated, he went back home and he told his parents that he did not believe in Jesus. His parents were very shocked to hear that. Adoniram left home go to Sheffield where his uncle stayed and continue to New York.

When Adoniram reach New York, he was disappointed. No one welcome him, he has no friends there. He went to the theatre coz he want to be an artist but the theatre is on holiday. Only small group of people accept Adoniram to play drama. He joined them but this group of people are not good people, many times they did a show then left the hotel without paying money. Adoniram felt very ashamed. Finally he decided to left this group. He went back to his uncle house in Sheffield and met one pastor. Adoniram spoke with the young pastor and he found that this pastor has joy in his heart, Adoniram wondered why he could have such joy, he is just a mere pastor, he is not famous but he is so joyful. After that Adoniram left his uncle house and he stay in one small inn. The owner said “All the rooms are full, I left one room but beside the room is a terribly sick man who almost die. Will u be okay?” Okay. I am super tired now. Just give me any room. When he was sleeping in his room, he heard the man next door kept shouting in pain. He think “What if I am the one who is going to die? But then he said there is no God, I don’t need to worry too much.” And he fell asleep. The next morning, when he was leaving he asked the innkeeper, how was the guy next door. “He is dead” said the innkeeper. Adoniram Judson was shock. He asked again “Do you know who he was?”Oh yes, his name was Eamas. Jacob Eamas. Judson was stunned. He could not believe what he heard. The man who died was his good friend in university Jacob Eamas who said there is no God, do not need to think about God but he died in pain, he died screaming and shouting in pain yesterday. At that time Adoniram realised he was wrong. He did not want to die in vain. He know that he must come back to God and there is God who control our life.

Adoniram Judson ran away from God, but God look for Adoniram. God used the death of Jacob Eamas to bring Adoniram back to God. Adoniram was like the lost son, he ran away from God, rebel to God, disobey God but God still love him. God look for Adoniram and call him back. Not only that God also use Adoniram to be the missionary to tell Gospel to people in Myanmar.

Children, we were sinner but God saved us and God want to use us to serve Him. How children can serve God?
1. Tell your friends, family members about Jesus
2. Show Jesus’ love to others by showing kindness, forgiveness.

Ayat Hafalan:

Acts 13 : 47
I have made you a light for the Gentiles, that you may bring salvation to the ends of the earth.

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