24/05/2020 – Gladys week 4. God’s guide us

Bahan Alkitab: Yesaya 41:13

Tanggal: 24/05/2020

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Gladys minggu 4(God take care of us)
Bible verse: Isiah 41:13

Gladys receive an urgent message, she need to come to prison as soon. She go in and saw a disturbing scene. Prisoners are fighting, bleeding and falling to the ground. She scared, she prayed and screamed to them: Stop the fighting!. Miraclously, everyone stop, some dropped his weapon, some open his mouth doesn't believe that there is a women on the prison. Gladys preach to them. Tell them that Jesus love them, Jesus want them to believe in Him. More and more prisoner believe in Jesus.
Few years pass, Gladys is taking care of all 100 of her children. Suddenly the loud sound heard, it was a sound of bombs dropped on the city. They all take cover, luckily no one injured. The next day they get ready and start a long journey across the Yellow river to find safety at another city.
They walk and walk until they found the river, but it is so wide, the children can't possiblly swim or jump the river. It is the children time to pray, they remember the story about Moaes. Then suddenly a boat came. From the Chinese goverment, they praise God and remember that God really guides them.
They arrive at the city, safe from war but Gladys fall down because she is too tired. She need to be brought back to England to receive medical attention. Once she recovered, she insisted that she come back to China to help the little children. Then she come back to China, but she can't…she stay in Taiwan, and started an orphanage there. In the end she passed away in Taiwan.
Gladys is a normal people. But she do great works. She preached about Jesus that Love us even the prisoners, want us to believe in Him. She showed people that her God is great. People believe but Gladys didn't stop, she found more and more people to share about Good News, she even open an orphanage to care for little children. And she know that serving and obeying God doesnt mean everything will be easy. But God promise that He will hold our hand.

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Yesaya 41:13

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