17/05/2020 – Gladys Journey with the Difficulties

Bahan Alkitab: Isaiah 41:10-13

Tanggal: 17/05/2020

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There were many children on the street and markets who don’t have parents. Gladys love the children and she adopted the children to take care of them. She taught them the bible story and brought them to know Jesus Christ . After Mrs. Lawson was passed away, Gladys open the orphanage and there are more and more children stayed in Gladys’ orphanage till almost 100 children under her care. After 8 years Gladys serving God as missionary, Japanese plane bombed the city of Yang Cheng. They burn the houses and killed the people in city of Yang Cheng. Gladys was facing a crucial decision. Her village was under attack by the Japanese and the children in her care are in danger. It will harm around one hundred children. Gladys awakens them in the night and begins a one hundred mile journey to go to the saver city called Sian. They need to walk for hundred miles to go to Sian. There is no vehicle and no pack animal. Gladys is the only adult. It is a journey that can only with God’s mercy.
As expected, there will be a lot of challenges, physically and emotional, during the journey.
Gladys must struggle through her own hunger, tiring, injury, and illness in order to take care the children during the journey. All the while they know japanese enemy soldiers could attack. They need to went through the mountain. When they tire of singing songs, Gladys told the story to the children How God did many ways, God has worked throughout her life.
Till one day, they reach Yellow river. They can’t across the Yellow river as the river was very deep. Can they across the Yellow river in the end? We will continue the story next week.
What we can learn:
1. God loves all the people and calls us to share His love with others.
2. When God calls us to do difficult things, God is with us in the journey.
3. God answers our prayer.
4. Gladys may be small woman, but she serves a Big God.

Ayat Hafalan:

Isaiah 41:13

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