17/05/2020 – Gladys Alyward – Am I able to do his ministry?

Bahan Alkitab: Yesaya 41:13, 1 Samuel 17

Tanggal: 17/05/2020

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Today we want to continue to learn about Gladys ministry. We want to learn that her ministry is not always smooth and easy, that’s not the promise of God. She faces difficulties, challenges, obstacles. We want to learn God’s promises “Do not fear, I will help you”. But before that let us review last week lessons.

Do you still remember who is Gladys? She is a missionary from London, UK. She was working as a maid, helper, just an ordinary lady. But she has a big and living God who called Gladys to become a missionary in China. China is very far from London, so she saved her money until she can finally buy a train ticket to China.

When she reached China, she met with Mrs. Lawson who is an older missionary who has been serving China for many years. Together with Gladys, Mrs Lawson open an inn, where they can invite mule drivers to come and stay, and they will serve them food for free. They always take opportunity to tell the gospel about Jesus to the visitors.

But unfortunately, not long after that Mrs Lawson passed away. So, Gladys was very sad. She is also worried how she can continue to run the inn, she does not have any money. She need to pay for the rent, and buy food to serve for the visitors. Gladys did not give up, she prayed faithfully to God, remembering God’s promises “Do not fear, I will help you”.

God answered her prayer. One day, the Mandarin came to Gladys and ask her to become the foot inspector. In China they have this culture to bind the foot very tightly so the foot don’t grow. Gladys task is to tell people to stop the practice. Becoming a foot inspector, Gladys will earn money and she can keep running the inn, thanks to God who hear Gladys prayer. And not only that, she can also tell the people about Jesus, about her faith when she is unbinding people foot. She becomes famous and people call her storyteller.

One day, the Mandarin came to visit Gladys again. The Mandarin said: I have heard about your good work Gladys, and people have respect for you. Gladys replied: I have to thank my God for that, Mandarin. He has promised to never leave and forsake us. The Mandarin the said: Exactly. That’s why I come to visit you, I need a help. There is a riot at men’s prison. They are killing the guards and each other. I want you to stop them from killing. Gladys was surprised. She said: Mandarin, why me? I am just a small woman. But Mandarin cut her saying: did you not say that God is with you? Let’s follow me to the prison now.

Gladys is full of fear. How can a small woman like me stop the men from killing? They would just kill myself. But the Mandarin still asked her to go into the prison. Even though Gladys has fear in herself, but again she remember God’s promises “Do not fear, I will help you”. So Gladys enter the prison and starts to pray in her heart, “God you are a living God, if you are willing, you can help me.”

She cannot believe what she saw. Men with sharp weapon, knifes are killing each other, blood is everywhere. Suddenly a very angry man run to approach Gladys and want to hit her as well. Gladys shouted: Stop! Stop! Stop! Give me the weapon. The man dropped his weapon. Gladys asked the men to stop fighting and killing. And they all listened. We have seen how Gladys ministry is not always easy. At times, she experiences difficulties that seems to be beyond her ability. But she remembers God’s promises “Do not fear, I will help you”.

Children you may also have heard about the story of David & Goliath. Goliath, a giant warrior, he has complete war equipment. Goliath despises Israelites and asked to call a man from Israelites to face him in a fight. The nation of Israelites were afraid, no one wants to come forward. But suddenly a small young man came and he gets angry because Goliath despises God. David remember God’s promises that he will be with us, and finally God gives David the win over Goliath.

Children, as we live our life, we will face difficulties. We must not give up, but look upon God and remember his promise “Do not fear, I will help you”.

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Yesaya 41:13

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