14/06/2020 – God Saves Noah and His Family

Bahan Alkitab: Genesis 6:5 – 9:17

Tanggal: 14/06/2020

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After the birth of Seth and as time passed, now the earth had been filled with men but they had turned their heart away from God and did what is bad in His eyes. This made God grieved that He resolved to destroy everything He had made with flood, and thus wipe out the sin that prevailed.

If God wiped out the earth, how could He keep His promise to one day send a Saviour from Eve’s descendant to redeem His people? He chose to save Noah, a descendant of Seth, who lived according to God’s way and had pleased Him.

God called Noah to prepare and ark for the salvation for himself, his family and some animals from the coming flood. By faith, Noah obeyed God to do what was not yet seen, ignoring what others thought or said. By faith, Noah was saved from the condemned world.

Once again God has proven Himself that He is indeed an eternal God who does not change, He is faithful to all His promises. God has preserved a descendant of Seth, that is Noah and his family, from the great flood.

Ayat Hafalan:

Memory verse
The LORD is faithful to all his promises – Psalm 145:13b

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