09/08/2020 – God Chooses David

Bahan Alkitab: 1 Samuel 8,16: 1-13

Tanggal: 09/08/2020


In the last three months, we have learnt about God’s Promises and how God kept his Promises.
This week, we will learn about a young boy named David whom God has chosen to be anointed as the King one day. David, a shepherd boy, was a faithful and responsible person in taking care of the sheep. When a lion or bear came to steal the sheep, David would fight back to protect his sheep. He was brave and strong because God was with him and God was the one who gave him the strength. David trusted and obeyed God. He had a heart of faith in God.

At that time, Saul was already the king of Israel. But he became proud and does not trust and obey God. Hence, Samuel, a prophet, was sent by God to tell Saul that God would send someone else to take over the king position.

Samuel was told by God to go to Jesse’s house, Bethlehem, to choose one of the sons to be anointed as the King. There were seven sons at the house at that time. They look strong but none was chosen by God to be the King as God does not look at the outside of the person but looks the inside and sees the heart. David has a heart of faith in God. Eventually, David, the youngest son was anointed as to be the King one day.

May God continue to give our children strength so that like David, since young, they can have a heart of faith in God as well as learning to trust and obey God.

Ayat Hafalan:

Isaiah 41:10b
[God said,] I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you.

Guru:Steven Rusli
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