07/02/2021 – Jesus Says, “Love God Best”

Bahan Alkitab: Mark 10: 17-27, Luke 21:1-3

Tanggal: 07/02/2021


Today we are going to learn from the Bible about 2 stories to compare – who loved God best.

Mark 10:17-27 – a rich young man who came to kneel before Jesus and asked:” Good Teacher, what must I do to inherit eternal life?” Jesus knew that the only way to please God was to obey God perfectly.

Jesus reminded him about God’s TEN commandments: do not murder; do not steal; do not tell lies; do not cheat; honor your mother and father! The young man nodded his head and replied Jesus: “I have obeyed all these rules since I was young!” He thought, he had kept God’s commandments perfectly.

Jesus loved this man and Jesus knew that no sinner since Adam’s fall until now, could obey God’s commandments perfectly. Only Jesus alone could. Only by trusting in Jesus, can we have eternal life/everlasting life with God.

Jesus then said to him: “Sell everything you have and give to the poor and you will have treasure in heaven! Then come and follow Me!”

This man looked sadly at Jesus, even though he wanted to have eternal life, he wanted to keep his things even more. This rich man loved the things God had given him more than he loved God, the gift-giver! For sure, he did not love his neighbors or others! He loved his things the best! He walked away sadly.

Luke 21:1-3 Another time, Jesus and His disciples were in Jerusalem at the temple. He saw a very poor widow walk up to the money box (offering box) and put in two small copper coins – not so much compared to other people.

But Jesus said, this poor widow gave more than anyone else because she gave everything she had. She gave from her heart and showed that she loved God more than the things God had given her. She trusted God to provide what she needed.

God wants His children to love HIM above all things, all our toys, friends, books and even themselves. He wants us to put Him first. He wants us to trust Him to give us what we need and wants us to share what we have to others.
Pray that the Holy Spirit will help us to have a trusting and responsive heart – like the poor widow who gave God all she had.

Lessons learnt:

• From the two stories, who loved God the most or the best?
• Jesus did not see what the rich young man had done, nobody can obey God’s commandments perfectly
except for Jesus Himself.
• Doing the good deeds – cannot give us eternal life but Jesus came to save us by taking all of our sins on
the cross, so whoever believes in Him can have eternal life.
• We are saved by His grace and with a thankful heart we can share what we have to others, including
sharing about Jesus who is the only Savior.
• We love because He first loved us – 1 John 4:19

Ayat Hafalan:

Matthew 22:37a
Love the Lord your God with all your heart.

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