05/04/2020 – Jesus is Arrested

Bahan Alkitab: Luke 22:39-53

Tanggal: 05/04/2020

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LESSON FOCUS: Jesus chose to obey the will of his Father so that we could be forgiven

After the Passover meal was over, Jesus went out to the Mount of Olives and His disciples followed Him. When they reached the garden, Jesus asked His disciples to pray while He went a short distance away to pray alone. Jesus knelt down to pray to His father. His heart was fill with sadness. He knew that that God has sent him into the world to suffer and die for the sins of God’s people. He says, ”Father, if you are willing, remove this cup from me. Nevertheless, not my will, but yours, be done.” While he was praying, an angel appeared, strengthening him.
After a time, Jesus walked over to his disciples. They were so tired and sad they had fallen asleep. “Why are you sleeping?” Jesus asked them. “Get up and pray so that you will not fall into temptation.”
Just then Judas Iscariot arrived with a crowd of people, carrying swords and clubs. Judas came to Jesus to kiss him, but Jesus said to him, “Judas, would you betray the Son of Man with a kiss?” When the disciples saw that Jesus was going to be arrested, one of them picked up a sword and cut off a man’s ear. But Jesus stopped him and healed the man. Then Jesus said to all of them, ”Have you come out with swords and clubs to arrest me like you would a robber? Day after day I sat teaching in the temple, yet you did not arrest me. But this is your hour and the power of darkness.” Jesus was arrested and all His disciples fled and left Him
Jesus is God, so He could have easily stopped the officers from arresting Him but He allowed them to arrest Him. Why did Jesus do this? Because Jesus knew that this was part of God’s plan for Him to become our Savior. Jesus knew that the time has come for Him to die on the cross. It was a very hard time for Jesus, so He prayed to His Father. He asked if God could take this suffering away, but He would obey God’s will, not His will. Jesus chose to obey the will of His Father so that we could be forgiven.
Jesus can obey God the Father perfectly, but we as a sinner, are not capable of doing that. We have to ask God to give us strength so we can obey Him. We have to give thanks to Jesus for obeying his Father to save us. We have to pray everyday and read the Bible so that we know who our God is, what God’s will is for us and how to have a relationship with God.

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Yet not my will, but yours be done – Luke 22:42b

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