05/04/2020 – Jesus Foretells Peter’s Denial

Bahan Alkitab: Mat 26:30-35,69-75; Mark 14:66-72; Luk 22:54-62; John 13,18:25-27

Tanggal: 05/04/2020

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Points of Learning:
Cognitive: Peter wanted to show his greatness n love to God by going to prison or died for God but later failed. We learn to be careful of seeking self-greatness.
Affective: We need to pray and ask God’s help to be able to love God.
Psychomotor: Children be humble and depend on God’s strength in everything they do. E.g do not show off, God’s word is the final say not my desire, praise God instead of myself.
Cognitive: Peter learnt that to be great in God’s kingdom is to serve. Jesus called and used him in ministry after he returned.
Affective: A. Children are grateful that God accepts every person who repents and returns to Him.
Psychomotor: Children want to repent from sins and share God’s love to others.
Background of story: On the last supper where Jesus washed the disciples’ feet, He taught them about serving one another, yet later they’re having argument about “Who is the greatest?”
Many people like to be the greatest and even tried many ways to achieve things that other people have not/could not do in order to break a world record. Is that wrong to be great? What bible teach us about to be great in God’s kingdom?

Peter and other disciples dispute about who is the greatest (Luk 22:24). They want to be greatest in God’s kingdom. But Jesus taught them the concept of greatness in God’s kingdom is to serve others (Luk 22:26). Do they understand? They don’t. Especially Peter.
Jesus who knew Peter’s heart and what will happen to him, warned him that Satan wanted to test and ruin him (Luk 22:31). But Peter replied that even all other disciple fall away he will not, he will follow Jesus and is ready to go to prison even to death. Peter might think that Jesus will praise him, but Jesus then foretold his denials.
Again, in Gethsemane, Jesus warned Peter to watch and pray that he will not fall into temptation (Mark 14:37-38) Did he pray? He did not.
Peter who is one of the closest disciples to Jesus, has seen, knew and learnt a lot, yet failed to be faithful. (Luk 22:54-62). When he followed at a distance to see the end, being asked if he is a follower of Jesus, he denied, cursed and then swore that he never knew Jesus.
Here we learn to be careful of standard of greatness in this sinful world. Many people desire to be big, famous or different from others which they want to praise themselves instead of God. We must be humble and be careful of this temptation. We should always seek God’s strength and help everyday so that we can be faithful and obedient to Him.
Instead of thinking that we have abilities to be great, we must thank God for everything we can do today, even the simplest thing, not forgetting that it is because of God’s blessing on us. E.g. Do not show off, obey God’s word instead of our own desire.

Luk 22:61-62 Jesus looked at Peter, this made him aware of his failure. He wept bitterly. One look from Christ melted him into tears of godly sorrow for sin. God grace had made him repent from his sin.
Read Luk 22:32, John 21:15-19. After Jesus’ resurrection, He met Peter and then called him to do God’s work, to be His witness, to serve others and lead others to Jesus. This is the greatness in God’s kingdom.
“Do you love me more than these?” the questions that Peter must now answer carefully. Now Peter understands that loving God is serving others and doing His works, rather than seeking self-accomplishment. Thus, the greatness of God will be revealed.
Thank God for His grace and love for redeeming Peter and accepting him back. Today Jesus will also accept us when we sincerely repent. Like Jesus entrusted Peter to serve God again, He also wants us to serve in God’s kingdom to bring more people back to God.
If you want to be great in God’s kingdom, learn to be the servant of all.
Are you willing to serve God?
1. In what ways do I show my own greatness rather than glorifying God?
2. What should I do as a servant of God?

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Mat 20:26 ..whoever would be great among you must be your servant,

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