25/07/2021 – Be pure in heart and mind

Bahan Alkitab: Genesis 39 and Philippians 4:8

Tanggal: 25/07/2021


Exodus 20:14
Philippians 4:8
Genesis 39
Be Pure in heart and Mind.
Subject of adultery…God commands faithfulness in marriage. Based on God’s word and God teaches us that marriage is a total commitment. It is a relationship where husband and wife become one. (Gen 2:24) because it is patterned after the love of Jesus Christ for his church.
Joseph background – Joseph was born in Jacob’s family in his old age together with his younger brother Benjamin. Joseph and Benjamin were loved dearly by his father. One day Jacob gave him a beautiful robe and that makes his brothers jealous or resentful towards him why the daddy has a special treatment towards Joseph. Not only that Joseph also told them about his dream and they don’t like about his dream. Therefore, they have planned a wicked things in their mind to took away his robe and kill him. But God has helped Joseph, he wasn’t killed but they sold him to some trader / traveler as a slave for 20 pieces of silver.
Joseph at the Potiphar’s house.
Joseph the handsome young Hebrew man…who was sold by his brother because of jealously. To one of an Egypt man called Potiphar. Joseph is a man after God’s own heart although he was sold as a slave in Egypt but he does everything for the glory of God’s name. He has done his best, He obey God’s word in everything he does. His obedient heart and mind were turned toward the Lord. Therefore, the important captain Potiphar’s was trusted Joseph with everything including his crops, livestock and all his business dealings. From that time on, The Lord blessed Potiphar’s home and everything he owned because of Joseph.
Joseph was a handsome and well-build young man and Potiphar’s wife like the way he looked and began to think about him and want him for herself. Many times, she has been trying to invite Joseph to spend time with her alone in her bedroom. Her thoughts were not pure, selfish and sinful. But Joseph refused and he said “My master trusts me with everything that he has, I will not dishonor him. How could I behave as though I were your husband? That would be a very wicked thing. Joseph said, besides how could I sin against God in this way? Joseph said and did the right thing because his thought were pure. But Potiphar’s wife would not listen and she’s getting upset as she couldn’t get what she wants. Each time Joseph refuse and try to keep away from her as much as possible.
One day, however Joseph taking care all his responsibility and none of the household servants were around. Potiphar’s wife saw the opportunity to get a hold of Joseph. She grabbed his coat and said “come to my room” she demanded. But Joseph, tore himself away leaving his coat in her hand as he ran out of the house. She began screaming after she ran outside and her servants came running to her side. She tried to twist the story by saying the “Hebrew young slave whom my husband trust try to fool of me, she cried” He tried to force me to spend time alone with him, but when I screamed for help, he ran off and leaving his coat behind. She told the same story to her husband “Potiphar”. Potiphar believes in his wife and furious towards Joseph. Put him in jail to punish him. But the Lord was in control of everything that happened to Joseph and he was with him in prison too.
The chief Jailer was discovered Joseph was a good man, godly character man and he put Joseph in charge of all the prisoners and over everything happened in the prison. After Joseph was allowed to leave prison, God continued to pour his blessing into Joseph’s life. Joseph obeyed God, always putting him first and God honored him.
Therefore, Ephesians 5:22-23 – mentioned that God was against sexual immorality because it will betray the love and unity of marriage. Violates the family and tears at this holy institution designed by God himself. Without a savior who can help us, we can’t keep God’s word or walk in his ways.

Ayat Hafalan:

Exodus 20:14
You shall not commit adultery.


17/07/2021 – Love and Protect Human Live

Bahan Alkitab: EXODUS 20 : 13 & Genesis 4:2b – 16

Tanggal: 17/07/2021


Bible story minggu mengenai Hukum ke -6 yaitu “jangan mumbunuh”, yaitu mengenai pembunuhan manusia pertama yang di lakukan oleh Kain thd Habil adiknya.

Kain tidak senang saat melihat bahwa kurban persembahan adiknya Habil di terima oleh Tuhan, sedang Tuhan tidak menerima kurban persembahannya.

Kain mengajak adiknya habil ke suatu tempat dan kemudian membunuhnya dan akhirnya Kain di hukum oleh Tuhan, menjadi seorang pelarian dan pengembara di bumi.”

Point Pengajaran :
01. Setiap dari kita yg keturunan Adam mempunyai dosa turunan, walaupun seorang bayi yang baru lahir juga adalah orang berdosa. Kondisi berdosa bukan hanya perbuatan tetapi status kita yang sudah berdosa.

02. Pembunuhan di lakukan oleh karena ada kebencian di dlm hati. membunuh adalah perbuatan yang kelihatan, tetapi itu di mulai dari hati yang membenci.

03. kita harus menghargai hidup sesama, krn Yesus sudah rela mati untuk manusia yang berdosa, kita tidak berhak utk mengambil nyawa orang lain.

Ayat Hafalan:

EXODUS 20 : 13 (ESV)
“You shall not murder”

Bahan Tambahan:



11/07/2021 – Lesson Six: Respect and Obey Parents

Bahan Alkitab: Exodus 20:12a, 1 Samuel 1-3

Tanggal: 11/07/2021


Bible Truth: the fifth commandment teaches children to honor parents
Bible Story: Samuel obeys the Lord and Eli while Hophni and Phinehas turn away fom their father’s discipline and God’s law
Lesson Aim: to choose to love and obey your parents

Point pengajaran:
– Setelah Tuhan memberikan 4 hukum mengenai relasi antara Tuhan dan manusia, 6 hukum selanjutnya mengatur relasi antar manusia.
– Relasi pertama yang dianggap paling penting oleh Tuhan adalah relasi antara orang tua dengan anak.
– Kasih orang tua terhadap anak – secara umum – adalah kasih yang berkorban, mirip dengan kasih Tuhan kepada kita.
– Tuhan menuntut anak-anak untuk menyikapi/membalas hal ini dengan menghormati orang tua.

– Dalam cerita hari ini, kita melihat adanya dua macam sikap.
– Pertama, Hophni dan Pinehas, lahir dalam keluarga imam. Sebagai keturunan imam, konsep pengampunan dosa pasti bukan sesuatu yang asing. Mungkin ini diterapkan Eli di dalam keluarganya. Tetapi adanya pengampunan justru tidak membuat mereka takut berbuat dosa, malah mungkin lebih berani untuk berbuat dosa, karena tahu pasti akan diampuni.
– Kedua, Samuel pasti tahu betapa besar kasih ibunya kepada dia – mengingat betapa susahnya Hannah untuk punya anak. Samuel menyikapi hal ini dengan ketaatan, meskipun dia harus berpisah dari Hannah dalam umur yang masih sangat muda dan tinggal di tempat imam Eli.
– Sikap anak-anak terhadap orang tua, akan mempengaruhi sikap anak-anak terhadap otoritas yang lain, termasuk otoritas Tuhan.
– Kiranya anak-anak bisa menghargai kasih yang diberikan orang tua dan menyikapi dengan benar.

Ayat Hafalan:

Exodus 20: 12a
Honor your father and your mother


04/07/2021 – Keep the Lord’s Day Holy

Bahan Alkitab: Exodus 20:8, Mathew 12:1-14

Tanggal: 04/07/2021


Many humans spend their daily life with little or none at all spent to get to know about God or to look for His Kingdom.
God created us to enjoy Him and to worship Him. How can we do that if we don’t spent enough time for Him.
After God created the world, he rested on the 7th day. When he gave the fourth commandment (Exodus 20:8), God reminded his people to set apart the Sabbath in a special way. They were to keep it holy by resting and worshiping God.

By the time of ]esus, however, keeping the Sabbath had greatly expanded beyond its original purpose. The focus had turned away from God to a long list of repressive traditions and rules. When the Pharisees criticized Jesus for plucking grain and healing on the Sabbath, Jesus answered them by reaffirming the purpose of the holy day as a time for physical and spiritual renewal and for doing good (Mark 2:27-28; Matthew 12:12).

We are the people of God, we must make sure to dedicate our life to worship God and to enjoy Jesus as our Saviour. We must be Christian that filled our life with knowledge of the Kingdom of God. Lord Jesus is our true “final” resting place.

Ayat Hafalan:

Exodus 20:8

Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy


27/06/2021 – Honour God’s Name

Bahan Alkitab: Exodus 3:1-15

Tanggal: 27/06/2021


Honour God’s Name.
God spoke to Moses at the burning bush…at that time Moses was taking care of sheep that belongs to Jethro (his father-in-law) and he decided to take them to a far away place in the dessert near Mount Sinai. Suddenly something unusual happened. The Lord appeared to him as blazing fire in a bush. He was amazed because the bush did not burn up among the leaves and twigs. Therefore, Moses decided to go over and see why the bush did not burned although there is a fire.
Then as Moses getting closer to the bush, God called and spoken to Him. Moses! Moses! Here I am, Moses said. God commanded him, take off your sandals and do not come any closer for the place you are standing on is holy ground. God continually speaking to him and said I am the God of your Father, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob. I have seen my people suffering in Egypt. I have heard them crying out to be free from the Egyptians who make them work as slaves. So, I am going to rescue them, lead them out of Egypt and guide them into a wonderful land of their own, a place flowing with milk and honey. Therefore, Moses you must go and lead my people out of Egypt.
Moses, heard what God said but he was afraid to look at him and he answered God how can I possibly do this? I wanted to know then God answered him “I will be with you God said, and when you have brought my people out from Egypt you will come here to worship God at this very mountain called Mount Sinai. Then again, Moses replied God supposed I go to the Israelites and tell them the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob sent me, and they ask, what is his name? what shall I tell them? Then God told him “I AM WHO I AM means the one who is always present. I AM is my name, and it will be my name forever. Everyone will remember me by that name and from great grandparents to young children.
God said his name was I am who I am, Moses knew that God could be counted on to be with his people, lead them to safety and meet their needs. God’s name tell us who he is and what he is like. God’s name tells us that he is present everywhere, always, and that we can count on Him.
When God spoke to Moses at the burning bush, Moses had to take off his sandals to show that he honoured God. God always wants us to honour him and his precious name, but especially when we make our vows as Christians. In his commands, God tells us not to treat his name in a bad way.

Ayat Hafalan:

Exodus 20:7a
You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain.

Bahan Tambahan:



20/06/2021 – Worship God in His way

Bahan Alkitab: EXO 20 : 4 – 6; EXO 32 : 1 – 20; 34 : 1 – 11

Tanggal: 20/06/2021


Meneruskan Perintah Pertama yaitu jangan ada Allah di hadapan-Ku.

Sekarang kita akan membahas Perintah Kedua yaitu “Jangan membuat bagimu patung yang menyerupai apapun yang ada di langit di atas, atau yang ada di bumi di bawah, atau yang ada di dalam air di bawah bumi”

Pada bulan ketiga setelah orang Israel keluar dari tanah Mesir, mereka tiba di padang gurun Sinai. mereka berkemah di depan gunung Sinai, dan Musa naik ke atas gunung Sinai berjumpa dengan Tuhan.

Setelah mereka melihat Musa tidak turun dari gunung, maka mereka meminta Harun untuk membuat Patung lembu emas dan mereka menyembah patung tsb dan memberikan persembahan.

Tuhan berfirman kepada Musa bahwa Ia hendak memusnahkan bangsa Israel dan membuat Musa menjadi bangsa yang besar. Tetapi Musa mencoba melunakkan hati TUHAN.

Segera Musa turun dan mendapatkan bahwa bangsa Israel sedang menyembah patung anak lembu emas. Musa begitu marah, dilemparkannyalah kedua loh itu dari tangannya dan dipecahkannya pada kaki gunung itu. Musa membakar patung tsb dan menggilingnya sampai halus.

Dan pada hari itu 3000 ribu orang bangsa Israel mati di bunuh oleh pedang orang Levi.

Kemudian Musa kembali ke atas gunung Sinai dan mengadakan pendamaian karena dosa bangsa Israel.

Point pembelajaran.
01. kita harus menyembah Tuhan menurut cara yang Tuhan kehendaki.
02. kita tidak boleh mempunyai berhala di dalam hidup kita.
03. Seorang pemimpin yang baik akan membawa bangsanya kepada Tuhan yang sejati.

Ayat Hafalan:

EXODUS 20 : 4
“You shall not make for yourself a carved image, or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth.

Bahan Tambahan:



13/06/2021 – Lesson Two: Worship God Alone

Bahan Alkitab: Exodus 20:3, Matthew 19:16-26

Tanggal: 13/06/2021


Bible Truth: The first commandment teaches us to worship God alone
Bible Story: A rich man loves his posessions more than he loves God
Lesson Aim: To worship God alone and put him above everything else

Point pengajaran:
– Di Mesir, ada banyak ilah/idol. Tetapi tidak satupun dari ilah tersebut adalah Allah yang sejati.
– Allah sudah membuktikan bahwa semua ilah/idol Mesir itu palsu melalui peristiwa 10 tulah.
– Di hukum yang pertama ini, Allah mengajarkan orang Israel untuk menyembah satu-satunya Allah yang sejati.
– Hanya Allah yang sejatilah yang bisa memberikan keselamatan dan kehidupan yang kekal.
– Hidup sejaman Tuhan Yesus, orang muda yang kaya ini sepertinya mengikut Tuhan yang sejati sejak kecil.
– Tetapi Yesus membongkar isi hati orang muda ini, bahwa dia tidak mengasihi Tuhan, tetapi harta.
– Seperti orang muda yang kaya ini, tanpa sadar yang seringkali menjadi ilah kita adalah cinta diri.
– Apa yang bisa kita raih, apa yang kita kumpulkan, seringkali hanyalah untuk menunjukkan bahwa
kita hebat dan kita tidak membutuhkan Allah.
– Kiranya anak-anak dari kecil bisa belajar bahwa apapun yang bisa kita raih itu semata-mata
atas anugerah Tuhan sehingga tidak menjadikan diri sombong dan menggantikan posisi Allah.

Ayat Hafalan:

Exodus 20:3
You shall have no other gods before Me.


06/06/2021 – God give His law

Bahan Alkitab: Exodus 19:1-25; 20:1-2

Tanggal: 06/06/2021


Point pengajaran: 
After three months since Israelite had depart the land of Egypt, they had all been amazed as God rolled back the waters and made a way for them to cross over the Red Sea. Once on the other side, the families of Israel lifted their voices and thanked God for giving them freedom.
Moses was the leader of God’s people, the Israelites. Once on the other side of the Red Sea, however, the Israelites journeyed into the desert and began to grumble. Life in the desert was not what they expected, and they complained about the taste of the water and about the lack of food.
But God did not forget about Israel. He provided sweet­tasting water and good food, and he gave Moses wisdom and power to lead them on their journey to the new land. The families of Israel came to a flat place at the foot of Mount Sinai, where the people put up their tents. Moses went up the mountain to listen to what God had to say to him.
The Lord called to Moses from the mountain, and this is what he told his chosen leader to tell the Israelites:
God said he had carried the people on eagles’ wings and brought them to himself. He chose them to be his very own-his treasured possession. But they had to obey him and keep his covenant.
Moses went down the mountain and told everyone gathered below the words God had spoken, and Israel agreed to do every­thing the Lord said. Then God told Moses that the people were to get ready to receive God’s commandments. So Moses told the peo­ple to wash their clothes and prepare to listen to God, for on the third day God himself would come down on Mount Sinai in a thick cloud in the sight of all the people. Amid peals of thunder and flashing lightning, he announced himself in all his majesty. He introduced himself as the LORD, as Yahweh, the saving and liberating One who had led Israel out of the bondage of
God’s Ten Commandments are for us as well, and as we learn
them and think about them, we will discover that we cannot obey these good rules perfectly-even when we try very hard! Just like the people of Israel, we sin against God. But God has good news for us: The Lord Jesus perfectly obeyed every command. He never disobeyed. He never sinned. And he . took the punishment for sinners when he died on the cross. Now everyone who trusts in Jesus as Savior can be sure that his or her sins are forgiven. We can thank Jesus for his love and forgiveness, and ask him to help us obey God’s commands.

Ayat Hafalan:

Matthew 22:37-39
English Standard Version
37 And he said to him, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. 38 This is the great and first commandment.


30/05/2021 – Paulus di Filipi

Bahan Alkitab: Kisah Para Rasul 16:13-40

Tanggal: 30/05/2021


Objective: Readiness to tell the gospel whether in good and bad times
Tokoh Missionaris: Paul G. Paton (Scottish missionary to New Hebrides)

Point pengajaran:
– Roh Kudus bekerja mempertobatkan orang bukannya tanpa pemberitaan Firman.
– Ketika Firman diberitakan, akan selalu terjadi penolakan karena setan tidak akan tinggal diam.
– Manusia yang hidup dalam kegelapan juga akan menolak ketika terang itu datang dan membongkar semua dosanya.
– Tugas kita hanyalah setia memberitakan Firman, baik atau tidak baik waktunya.
– Jikalau Tuhan mengijinkan penderitaan datang karena kita setia memberitakan Injil, Tuhan mengatakan itu adalah suatu kebahagiaan dan Tuhan pasti memberikan kita damai sejahtera dan kekuatan untuk melaluinya.

Ayat Hafalan:

Acts 16:31
And they said, “Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved, you and your household.”


23/05/2021 – Saulus bertobat

Bahan Alkitab: KIS 9: 1 – 9

Tanggal: 23/05/2021


Saulus menganiaya orang Kristen, terus dipanggil Tuhan.

Kita udah attend Sunday School for many years.
Kita sering merasa udah tau banyak tentang Firman.

Saulus is a top student
Dia sangat yakin sudah tau apa yg Tuhan mau
Tetapi waktu Tuhan panggil, dia tidak kenal Tuhan.

Ada perubahan dari sikap dan perbuatannya.
Dari yg menentang Tuhan, bunuhin orang Kristen
Menjadi hidup untuk Tuhan, ada turning point.
Dipakai Tuhan untuk membimbing gereja2 di Asia Minor, despite difficulties.

David Livingstone


Typical English guy of Victorian era
Wanted to go China because China was the trend (almost all missionaries went there, and many ‘success stories’ came from China)
But God wants different, there was Opium War, all Western missionaries were banned
He couldn’t go China, later met a missionary from S. Africa

He was convinced to go to villages in inland Africa that are still very isolated and had not been reached by any missionaries
He went deep into the areas of Zambezi River, built many churches. His mission opened the eyes of British people of areas they never heard before.
It was not easy at all, as his wife later on passed away, his son ran away to America, the government pulled their support as he fought for the Africans’ rights against slave trade policy.
He was able to persist because the Holy Spirit strengthened him and kept him going

Learning points:
01.Kita sudah mati rohani, terpisah dari Tuhan. Kita yang rohani sudah mati, perlu karunia Roh Kudus untuk mempunyai kepekaan yang mau berserah kepada Tuhan. Oleh hanya dengan bimbingan Roh Kudus, baru kita akan mampu menjalankan kehendak Tuhan.
02. Kita sering merasa sudah kenal Tuhan, sudah tahu apa yang Tuhan mau dalam hidup kita, merasa yang kita lakukan sudah baik dan cukup bagi Tuhan. Tetapi rencana Tuhan sering kali berbeda dari apa yang kita asumsi, dan kita perlu kepekaan rohani untuk mengerti kehendak Tuhan sesunggguhnya. Kepekaan ini hanya diperoleh bila kita sudah mempunyai Roh Kudus dalam hati kita, setelah kita percaya kepada Kristus.

Ayat Hafalan:

John 14:26
But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, he will teach you all things and bring to your remembrance all that I have said to you.

Guru:Wei Wei

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