05/12/2021 – Christmas Wreath Activity

Tanggal: 05/12/2021 Activity: Dear parents, Kindly help to print this activity and give it to children. Thank you. Bahan Tambahan: Christmas-Wreath.pdf Guru: Agnes Chu

14/11/2021 – We Thank God for Baptism

Tanggal: 14/11/2021 Activity: Dear Parents, Today’s activity is to fill out questions to ponder. Parents can accompany the children in answering questions about baptism and why we thank God for Baptism. Bahan Tambahan: We-thank-God-for-Baptism-Time-to-Ponder.pdf Guru: Agnes Chu

10/10/2021 – Doorknob Hanger Forgiveness

Tanggal: 10/10/2021 Activity: Dear Parents, Please help children to print activity on thick paper. Thank you and God bless. Bahan Tambahan: Sunday-School-Activity.pdf Guru: Agnes Chu

08/08/2021 – Priscilla and Aquila crossword

Tanggal: 08/08/2021 Activity: Dear Parents, Kindly assist children to print crossword for their activity. Thank you. Bahan Tambahan: Priskilla-and-Awkilla-Crossword_Part1.pdf Guru: Agnes Chu

16/05/2021 – 20210516 Adoniram Judson

Tanggal: 16/05/2021 Activity: For those who didn’t do the live activity together this afternoon, please complete the challenge here: https://kahoot.it/challenge/09427290?challenge-id=00f93850-7eb6-4955-915a-88cb25f634cd_1621147455564 Guru: Ronny

14/03/2021 – Word Search: Mary honoured Jesus

Tanggal: 14/03/2021 Activity: Instruction: Locate the given words in the grid, running in one of eight possible directions horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. Bahan Tambahan: 04_mary_honored_jesus_word_search-1-1.pdf Guru: Agnes Chu

21/02/2021 – 210221-Connect the Sentences

Tanggal: 21/02/2021 Activity: Please download the PDF attached. You can print and use pen to link up the sentence. Or you can also use PDF markup tools Bahan Tambahan: 210221-MainSlidesalinan.pdf Guru: Ivan

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