27/09/2020 – God shows His power – the ten plagues of Egypt

Tanggal: 27/09/2020


Print 2 file yang terlampir. File yang berisi gambar (to color and cut) untuk diwarnai. Setelah diwarnai, gambar dipotong mengikuti lingkarannya, lalu ditempel di file yang berisi lingkaran 1-10 (to paste). Anak SM perlu mengurutkan gambar kesepuluh tulah yang sudah diacak untuk menempelkan gambar 10 tulah dengan urutan 1-10 dengan benar.

Print 2 files attached. File with the pictures in circles (to color and cut) are to be colored. After colored, please cut the pictures following the circles, then paste them into the file with circles number 1-10 (to paste). Sunday school children should ordered the 10 plagues pictures that has been randomized, to paste them in the correct order of 1-10.

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Guru: Melissa

06/09/2020 – God Takes Care Moses

Tanggal: 06/09/2020


(The translation)
Dear parents.
There are 2 activities for tomorrow.
The first is “story sequencing”. Hint on Sequencing:
1. Israelites lived as slaves…
2. Moses’ mother hid him…
3. Moses’ sister…
4. Pharaoh’s daughter…
5. Moses’ sister asked Pharaoh’s daughter…
6. Pharaoh’s daughter had Moses’ sister find…
7. Moses…
The second is “spot the 13 differences”. For this activity, it must be printed in colour; or do it on the screen directly.

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Guru: Yulie ILIADI

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