21/11/2021 – God’s Plan for His new creation

Tanggal: 21/11/2021 Activity: Instructions: 1. Print out the picture. 2. Do colouring on the pictures. 3. Cut out the pictures. 4. Fold each gate on the dotted line to create a hinged tab. 5. Prepare the paper base. 6. Glue the tab for each gate onto your picture of heaven so the gate can be […]

14/11/2021 – God sent the Saviour

Tanggal: 14/11/2021 Activity: Activity 1: Matching pictures Activity 2: Let’s make heart cross craft!   1. For the black background, you can either: print page 2 and cut the black rectangle; or cut black color paper 12cm x 17 cm. 2. Print and cut the patterns at page 3. You will need one big cross, […]

07/11/2021 – God clothed Adam and Eve

Tanggal: 07/11/2021 Activity: 1. Cetak file ini. 2. Warnai kedua gambar di atas dan di bawah. 3. Potong gambar menjadi 2 bagian atas dan bawah mengikuti garis petunjuk di tengah kertas. 4. Gambar yang di bawah berjudul “Help Cover Adam & Eve!” setelah diwarnai, potong bagian kanan yang berisi gambar baju, mengikuti garis petunjuk. 5. […]

24/10/2021 – God’s Covenant of Life

Tanggal: 24/10/2021 Activity: 1. Colour it all. 2. Cut everything following its shape. 3. Use glue and stick the wood stand inside the big box. 4. Paste the rectangle boxes on the wood stand. (God’s Covenant of Life is at the top) Bahan Tambahan: Gods-Covenant-of-Life.pdf Guru: Angelis

17/10/2021 – God Set Apart the Seventh Day

Tanggal: 17/10/2021 Activity: 1. Please colour it. 2. Cut the 6 boxes on the left and right side following its shape. 3. Use glue, paste and match it with the sentence inside the circle. 4. On one blank box, write and draw an example of activity that we do on Sunday. 5. Cut the big […]

10/10/2021 – Kindy_Tending God’s World

Tanggal: 10/10/2021 Activity: 1. Cut all pieces (coloured and non-coloured). 2. Colour the earth, boy & girl, and hands. 3. Glue them as shown in attached photo. Bahan Tambahan: Kindy_10Oct21_Tending-Gods-Wolrd.pdf Guru: Priska

03/10/2021 – Kelas Kindy – God Created Man & Woman

Tanggal: 03/10/2021 Activity: 1. Children are to choose & colour a boy/girl image. 2. Cut the small boxes at the bottom. 3. Glue them to the dashed boxes above to match the arrows. Bahan Tambahan: Sunday-School-Activity_03Oct21_God-Created-Man-Woman.pdf Guru: Priska

15/08/2021 – Sending God’s Servant Out

Tanggal: 15/08/2021 Activity: Print, colour, cut and paste. “Cross-out” words / reasons that we do not share the Gospel. “Trace and Colour” words / reasons that we love to share the Gospel. Bahan Tambahan: Heart-card-Sending-God-servant-out_v2-1.pdf Guru: Melissa and Yulie

08/08/2021 – Barnabas show Jesus love by sharing

Tanggal: 08/08/2021 Activity: Cetak dan warnai file terlampir. Hafalkan ayat hafalan. Please print and color the file attached. Memorize the memory verse. Bahan Tambahan: Barnabas-show-Jesus-love-by-sharing-to-color.pdf Guru: Melissa

25/07/2021 – Serving God by Helping Others

Tanggal: 25/07/2021 Activity: 1. Print out pdf. 2. Cut out the T shirt. 3. Trace the memory verse (written in grey colour). 4. Colour and decorate the T shirt. 5. You can ask your parents to send it to your friend. Bahan Tambahan: Sunday-School-KIndy-25-07-2021.pdf Guru: Maria Widjaja

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