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06/03/2022 – Lesson Ten: We listen to God’s Word

Bahan Alkitab: Acts 8:4-8, 26-40 Tanggal: 06/03/2022 Ringkasan: Bible Truth: When people heard Philip preach God’s Word, God changed their lives and filled them with joy Lesson Aim: To listen to God as he speaks to us through His Word, and to ask God for hearts that trust Him and want to tell other about […]

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27/02/2022 – Jesus Made God’s Word Clear

Bahan Alkitab: Matthew 4:23, Luke 24 : 13 – 32, Mark 16:15 Tanggal: 27/02/2022 Ringkasan: Bible Truth: Jesus preached and taught God’s Word, and he comannds his church to continue this task Lesson Aim Children to listen attentively to those in the church who preach and teach God’s Word and to remember to pray for […]

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20/02/2022 – Jesus Used God’s Word

Bahan Alkitab: Matthew 4:1-11, Ephesian 6:10-18 Tanggal: 20/02/2022 Ringkasan: Point pengajaran:  We are face with temptation in our life, just like all others before us. Adam and Eve, Abraham and Isac, Job faced temptations. Some manage to defeat their temptation and some don’t. Jesus start His ministry by fasting for 40 days and night. He […]

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13/02/2022 – Lesson 7: Jesus Loved God’s Word

Bahan Alkitab: Luke 2:40-52 Tanggal: 13/02/2022 Ringkasan: Bible Truth: Even as a young boy, Jesus loved and understood God’s Word and obeyed it Lesson Aim: To ask God to help us love, understand and obey His Word Point pengajaran: – Kitab Suci yang kita miliki bukan sekedar pedoman mengetahui moral baik dan buruk – Melalui […]

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23/01/2022 – GOD Saves Sinners

Bahan Alkitab: John 4:1-42 Tanggal: 23/01/2022 Ringkasan: ini ringkasan minggu lalu Bible verse : Yoh / John 4: 1 – 42 Bible Truth : Jesus saved the Samaritan Woman and change her Life Lesson Aim : to understand we need to be saved from our sins Bible Story : Mengenai Yesus yang bertemu dengan perempuan […]

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30/01/2022 – Lesson Nine: Thanking the Lord Jesus

Bahan Alkitab: Luke 17:11-19 Tanggal: 30/01/2022 Ringkasan: Bible Truth: Jesus healed 10 lepers, but only one thanked Him Lesson Aim: To thank God for things He does for us and to thank others whom God uses to meet our needs Point pengajaran: – Allah kita adalah Allah yang penuh belas kasihan dan anugerah – Anugerah […]

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16/01/2022 – The Holy Spirit Gives New Life

Bahan Alkitab: John 3:1-21, John 19:38-40 Tanggal: 16/01/2022 Ringkasan: The Holy Spirit Gives New Life Point pengajaran:  We were born as a baby from our mother’s tummy. But can we get back to her tummy? These questions might sound a little silly, but someone actually asked Jesus these same questions. His name was Nicodemus, and […]

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16/01/2022 – Jesus and the Fishermen

Bahan Alkitab: Lukas 5:1-11 Tanggal: 16/01/2022 Ringkasan: Lesson aim: To know that Jesus is God; God is powerful and holy. • Peter is a fishermen, he catches fish everyday but one day he could not catch any fish • Jesus ask them to try once again, they catch a lot of fish • Peter realise […]

09/01/2022 – John Baptizes Jesus

Tanggal: 09/01/2022 Activity: Paper Cup Craft 1. Print page no 2. 2. Colour the picture at page no 2. 3. Cut ‘John the Baptist baptizing Jesus’ picture along the border and paste it to the blue cup. Then, paste the bible verse at the bottom of paper cup. 4. Cut the cloud and dove pictures […]

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09/01/2022 – Lesson Six: God Give Us Faith in Christ Alone

Bahan Alkitab: Luke 19:1-10 Tanggal: 09/01/2022 Ringkasan: Bible Truth: God gives faith so that sinners such as Zaccheus can trust in Christ alone for salvation Lesson Aim: to trust in Christ alone for salvation and to share the love of Christ with someone Bulan ini kita membahas aspek-aspek dari pertobatan di dalam cerita Alkitab. Minggu […]

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