24/05/2020 – God’s Plan Will Not Fail

Bahan Alkitab: Gladys

Tanggal: 24/05/2020

Kategori: sm-pagi-kelas-kecil


This week bible story is for Children to understand that God's Plan Will Not Fail. We will start off by sharing with children of their plans e.g. holiday plans, birthday party plan may fail. This is especially so during the Covid-19 where they can only stay at home. Unlike plans made by man, God's plan will not fail. There will be a snapshot of how Mosses brought the people out of Egypt in accordance to God's plan. This is followed by the story of Gladys – She adopted children which were sold and took care of them. During the war, she took a bold decision to bring them to Xian to escape the war. The journey was long and dangerous but God was with them and helped them. Finally, after much difficulties, they were still able to reach safely in Xian. As God called Gladys to be a missionary according to His Plan, God will also call us to serve Him according to His Plan and God's Plan is always the better than our own plan

Ayat Hafalan:

Isaiah 41:10
“Do not fear,
for I am with you”

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