10/05/2020 – Gladys Aylward’s Missionary to China (2)

Bahan Alkitab: Rome 3:23

Tanggal: 10/05/2020

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Lesson Focus

The gospel needs to be preached to everyone, as all have sinned and fall short the Glory of God

Bible Story

Gladys Aylward started her missionary journey from London to China. After 24 days, she finally arrived in China and met Mrs. Jeannie Lawson, who had been waiting for Gladys to continue her missionary work. Mrs. Lawson had an idea to convert the building where she lived into a small hotel, so that they could preached Gospel to anybody who rested in the hotel.

Gladys would approach the passing travellers and pull their donkey towards their small hotel. Together with Mrs. Lawson and her Chinese helper, they provided a good place for the travellers and their donkey to rest. Also, they offered good food and free entertainment, a bible story, during dinner time.

Gladys learned to speak Chinese for hours each day. And soon, she could share the Bible story, about a man called Jesus, in Chinese fluently. Gladys still persisted even though she was rejected by the local people in China.

Not long after Gladys arrival, Mrs. Lawson had a fall and passed away. Leaving Gladys to continue the missionary work alone. Eventually, many of the travellers became Christians through Gladys’s work.

Afterwards, Gladys was also given an opportunity to work as a foot inspector by the government, which was trying to end the custom of foot binding in women. She used this opportunity to spread the Gospel even more.

Goals for children:
1. To know that everyone has sinned and thus needs the gospel.
2. To learn to love those who still do not know Christ by telling the gospel.

Ayat Hafalan:

Rome 3:23 For All have sinned and fall short the glory of God

Bahan Tambahan:

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