14/02/2021 – Love one another

Tanggal: 14/02/2021 Activity: 1. Colour the picture. 2. Fill in the boxes : example of Love One Another. 3. Cut the flower shape. Bahan Tambahan: loveoneanother-1-1.pdf Guru: Hendra

24/01/2021 – Jesus Promises the Holy Spirit

Tanggal: 24/01/2021 Activity: Let’s make the fruit of the Spirit puzzle! 1. Print out the template, there are 2 pages. 2. Cut the puzzle pieces at page 2. 3. Arrange the pieces. 4. Glue them to the “fruit” :). 5. Memorize the Bible verse. Bahan Tambahan: Activity_24January2021.jpegActivity24January2021-1.pdf Guru: Mei

17/01/2021 – The Good Sheperd – door hanger

Tanggal: 17/01/2021 Activity: 1. Print out the template for the activity from the attached “pdf file” on white cardstock (if available). 2. Color and cut out the door hanger and all the sheep. 3. Paste the sheep on the green pastures. 4. Memorize the Bible verse. 5. Please refer to “jpg file” for sample of […]

10/01/2021 – Jesus and Nicodemus

Tanggal: 10/01/2021 Activity: Print file terlampir. Warnai gambar. Hafalkan ayat hafalan (memory verse) di kotak biru. Print the file attached. Color the picture. Memorize the memory verse in blue box. Bahan Tambahan: Jesus_Nicodemus_coloringpage.pdf Guru: Melissa

03/01/2021 – God sends his son, Jesus

Tanggal: 03/01/2021 Activity: 1. Print the picture in A4 paper 2. Colour all the picture 3. Cut text “Love” and the star 4. Paste “Love” below the cross, and the star on top of the manger Bahan Tambahan: final-act3jan2021.jpgcross-act3jan2021.pdf Guru: Riri

27/12/2020 – Wise Men Worship Jesus

Tanggal: 27/12/2020 Activity: Print the activity and cut along the dotted lines. Arrange the pieces to make a complete puzzle and glue the puzzle onto a piece of paper. Bahan Tambahan: Wisemen-1.pdf Guru: Elizabeth

20/12/2020 – Jesus is born

Tanggal: 20/12/2020 Activity: Sunday School Craft Bahan Tambahan: WhatsAppImage2020-12-19at1.09.59PM1.jpeg Guru: Marvin

13/12/2020 – Mary hears and believes the good news

Tanggal: 13/12/2020 Activity: Activity : 1. Colour the picture 2. Cut the “wing” picture 3. Attach the “wing” to the part of the angel where there is a X sign. 4. The end result will look like this picture below. Bahan Tambahan: final-product.pngactivity-sheet.pdf Guru: Henny

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