01/11/2020 – God Keeps His People Safe

Tanggal: 01/11/2020


Moses took Aaron and Hur to the top of the hill while the fighting ensued. As long as Moses held the staff of God in his upheld hands, God’s people drove back the Amalekites.

But when Moses lowered his tired hands, the enemy started gaining ground. Finally, Aaron and Hur held Moses’ hands up until sunset and the Amalekites were soundly defeated.

Colour this page, and remember: It was God himself who defeated the Amalekites. As Moses raised the staff of God, the Israelites were learning that the battle and the victory belonged to the Lord.

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Guru: Anastasia

11/10/2020 – God Leads His People

Tanggal: 11/10/2020


1. Print out both pages of the pdf.

2. Colour the people and the sand background on page one.

3. Fold the left side of page one backwards (the waves with sea creatures) along the wave line, and glue the indicated part. Do the same for the right side. This is to create the standing waves (which shows the splitting of the red sea).

4. Colour and cut out Moses along the dotted lines on page 2.

5. Fold the indicated lines and tape the top to the bottom (labelled “1”). Now Moses is done and you can paste it any where in the split sea.

Have fun with this week’s activity! (:

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Guru: Maria Widjaja

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