27/03/2021 – God Makes Us More Like Jesus

Bahan Alkitab: Matthew 7:16-20

Tanggal: 27/03/2021


We would start by teaching the children about fruits where does these fruits come from? point to them that the parent tree will grow fruits of its own kind. i.e. an apple fruit would be found only in apple tree and not in orange tree. Fruits have seeds which can be planted in soil, given sunlight and water, to grow into plants and finally tree which grow the fruit.

We would then proceed to tell them, like plants, in human, children are like their parents in many ways i.e. looks, act and talk. All children in God’s family have the same heavenly father. He has made us to be his own children. God sent holy spirit to help us to trust and obey Jesus. The longer we grow in God’s family, the more we become more and more like Jesus.

Then told them that this week we would be learning from another story told by Jesus to his disciples. Can you find grapes from thorn bushes or figs from thistles? Thorn bushes are plants which grow with many stems and have sharp pointed things around them while thistles are flower plants with pointed prickles. The answer would be No. Grapes can only be found from grapevine and fig found from the fig tree.

Jesus continue to teach his students that from a fruit you can know if it comes from a good tree or bad tree. Use an apple as the example: an apple which is sweet, firm and crunchy comes from a good apple tree while an apple that is not sweet and soft come from a bad apple tree. Looking at the fruit tells you what kind of tree it comes from.

Jesus telling us about fruits because he wants us to understand that the way a person talk or behave show if the person belong to God’s family. A person who belongs to God’s family would do what make God happy. A person who does not trust and obey God has the heart that does not love God. He does not belong to God’s family.

State some ways which people who are part of God’s family do:
1) Pray to God to ask for forgiveness for our sins
2) Listen to bible stories and do what Jesus say in the bible
3) Love one another
4) Love our enemies by showing love and forgiving them

What would people think when they hear our words and see our actions?

We can talk and behave as part of God’s family not because we are good or smart but it is only through God’s help. Just like babies who needs food and love from the parents, children in God’s family need the Holy Spirit to help us trust and obey God. And as we grow, we become more and more like Jesus.

Next week, we are celebrating Good Friday which we remembered how Jesus who came to this Earth died so that our sins may be forgiven and we can be part of God’s family. As part of God’s family, we can show our love for Jesus by trusting and obeying his commands such as to tell our friends about Jesus.

May our children in God’s family and become more and more like Jesus.

Ayat Hafalan:

Matthew 7:24b
A wiseman who built his house on the rock

Guru:Steven Rusli
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