18/04/2021 – Depending on God’s Spirit to Spread the Gospel

Bahan Alkitab: Acts 8:1-8, 26-40; Matthew 28:18-20; Luke 8:5-15

Tanggal: 18/04/2021


For the past two weeks children have been learning about the resurrection of Jesus and his ascension to heaven. After that the Holy Spirit was outpoured. One of the signs of someone filled with the Holy Spirit is that he will speak the word of God with boldness. And it is Jesus’ command to make disciples of all nations as we go, which means wherever God place us and whoever we meet.

The apostles and deacons of the early church were persecuted because of their boldness to proclaim about Jesus Christ. One of the deacons, Stephen, was even stoned to death. This made Christians scattered throughout Judea and Samaria. But the word of God was still preached.

One of the deacons, Philip, preached the word of God to Samaritans with power and he healed the lame and paralyzed. Many of them believed and gave themselves baptized. The Holy Spirit then asked him to go to meet an Ethiopian eunuch, someone that he never imagined to proclaim about Jesus to. But Philip obeyed and taught him about Jesus Christ.

There are some key take away points from the lesson this week:
1. It is Jesus’ command to make disciples of all nations as we go (wherever we are and whoever we meet)
2. The Holy Spirit will prepare the hearts of unbelievers to hear and believe the gospel. Without the work of the Holy Spirit, no one can believe in Jesus Christ
3. Going beyond our comfort zone is never easy. Just as the Holy Spirit enabled Philip, we can ask the Holy Spirit to give us willingness and courage to proclaim about Jesus Christ
4. Our task is to sow the seed of God’s Word to others with the help of the Holy Spirit to change hearts of the sinners

Ayat Hafalan:

Acts 1:8
But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth

Guru:Kurniawan Prasetya Pieth
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