14/02/2021 – Jesus said “Love One Another”

Bahan Alkitab: I John 3-4, John 13:34

Tanggal: 14/02/2021


All children know that their parents love them. How to they know that? By the act of their parents toward them. Example : parents take care of them since they were babies. Parents buy them present. Parents take them to school. Parents take them for holidays.

God loves His children. How do they know that God loves them? Jesus died on the cross to save them from their sin. God gives them parents and families and friends that love them. God takes care of them all the time.

Do children in Sunday School love God? Yes they all do.
How then other people know that Sunday school children love God?
By their act. Such as going to Sunday School to worship Him and listen to His Words. By praying to Him. By sharing with friends and siblings. By doing the things that God wants them to do.

It is similar as a tree. We know what type of tree it is because of the fruit that the tree bears.

People will know if we love God by the “fruit” that we bear. We have fruit of the Spirit to show others that we love God. We are able to bear such fruit because love of God is in our heart.

Ayat Hafalan:

I John 4:7a
Love one another, for love comes from God.

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