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Missionary: person that is given a special mission by GOD. More important than any other resque mission. It is a mission to tell about Jesus Christ to people that live on another country.

But why tell about Jesus? Remember about light? We cannot hide/cover the light rite? We must let the light shine and wash the darkness away. Aah, the light is Jesus, we want to let Jesus shine, become known to people far far away.

Last week teacher Fendi share about Gladys Aylward. She looks different compared with her friends: she doesn't have yellow hair,blue eyes and tall body. But she is not sad, because she have an important mission. To become a missionary to a country far away: China.

Can she travel to China by plane? Or by ship? She can only travel by train, but she need to work as maid, and need to save money for 4 years. She didn't know that the journey is very dangerous, the world is at war, she almost get caught in Russia but escaped to Japan and continue to reach China by small boat.

Once she reach in city called YangChen,China, she is scared, the country is so big, she can't speak Chinese well, she doesn't have enough money and the Chinese..they looks very different. But she prayed to God, she remember that she had an important mission from God. She ready herself and while she walk on the street, she smiled. Now Gladys understand of why she looks different from her friends. God prepare her, God made her black hair, black eyes and small body so she can live with Chinese people.

She started working as an assistant of Jeannie Lawson. Ms Lawson is running a small hotel called Sixth happiness. The inn is used to take care of mule drivers. They guide working mule from town to town as a mode of delivery transport. They are poor and have nowhere to stay at night.

But Gladys again is scared..she cannot speak Chinese, and she recalled that the villagers throw mud at her while called “foreign devil”. But she remember her mission to tell people about Jesus. She stomp her feet, she look for a herd of mule, and she pulled one of the mule. She shout in Chinese: I am clean, I have food, come follow me. Phew, so the mule drivers follow her to the small hotel, they can eat, drink, rest and sleep. And more importantly, whenever mule driver sits together, Gladys will tell stories to them.

Gladys tell them about story of Moses that bring Israel people cross the sea, about story of David that defeat the giant, about Jesus Love to us that He is born as a baby and died for us in the cross. She also told them about Rm 3:23. “for all have sinned¬†and fall short of the glory of God”. Which means that at the beginning Adam and Eve were created as likeness and image of God. But because they did not obey God(they sinned), all of their sons, daughter, grand sons have sinned. Some of the mule driver nodded, some knew why they know that lying is not good, but they cannot stop lying. They had sinned, they cannot remove their sin. Only Jesus can wash away their sin. They pray to God, and they receive Jesus as their Saviour.

Days pass since Good News preached to mule driver. Ms Lawson had passed away and left only Gladys and Mr Yang as kitchen cook to take care of the hotel. One day Gladys saw a little girl from the hotel. She looks very dirty and hungry, Gladys took pity on her. Nearby, the women said “what are you looking at? Dont you try to steal this children!” But Gladys said “I just wanted to give her food and cover in this rainy day”. The women said “fine, give me money, then you can take her”. Gladys give 9 pennies that she had, and she become the mother of a little girl called 'Nine-pence'.

On one morning,Gladys had an important visitor, he is the ruler of YangChen city. He came to look especially for Gladys, she heard. She felt scared at first..why would the ruler of the city meet her..She pray and ask for God help. She met the ruler, but it is a good news. The ruler wants Glady to work for him. He said: Gladys, I heard that you take care of mule driver, now I want you to take care of all the woman in the city, not just YangChen city, but all the small surrounding town. I want you to take out a tradition called “foot binding”. You must travel, I will give you money and guard.

Foot binding, wrap foot tightly, it damage/break foot, it started from 5 years old. Can run? Play sport? For the rest of live. Why people can think to bind the foot? People say it is beautiful, say have to bind to get married, send to jail. Gladys remember Rm 3:23. We all sinned, we do bad things, we can't stop doing bad things even when we know it is bad.

Gladys is very happy, she can go to far away town to tell story to many families in China

On another day, Nine-pence saw a little boy and asked her Mom ” Mom, can we keep him? I will eat less, so that he can stay with us”. Gladys named him Less and took him home just like she did to “Nine-pence”. Soon Gladys home is filled with childrens. She take care of them with love and care, the numbers grown to 100 children. Everyday Gladys gather the children, make them comfortable and read Bible story for them. Gladys patiently tell them about the Good News that Jesus come to save us from our sin. She pray for the children that the children will grow strong, and will be Christian that believe in Jesus Christ.

Next week we will hear about war in China, bomb is dropped on the city, people running away and Gladys have to go to the mountain to escape from the soldier.

For Sunday School children:
Do you want to be a missionary?
Is it easy to be a missionary?
Is there an example of what the church do to spread the Good News? (KKR regional sharing)
What children can do for the missionary?(they can pray, can save money to give for missionary, they can learn seriously, listen and pay attention to Bible story, say Thank you for parents that take care of them)

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Roma 3:23

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