Bahan Alkitab: Luke 23. John 13: 27

Tanggal: 10/04/2020

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Do whatever you need to do. Jesus said that to Judas. Why? Because Jesus knows what is in Judas heart. He is not interested in God or the word of God. He is only interested in money. His heart is black. He only thinks of himself.

Such a pity. Judas was with Jesus in His journey. He witnessed His life. He knows Jesus care about His disciple. He witness miracle. But he never repent. He closed his heart.


Because of sin. Sin is power that unable us to ANYTHING. We know good things but we cannot do.

Punishment of sin is death. We all sinned. We all quilty. We all must die.

The only power that can save us is the power of Christ, who Himself does not sin.

That is the reason He died on the cross. To set us free from sin. Only Jesus can do so. Nobody else can do that. Why? Because He is God. He has the power to set us all free from sin.

What do we do to deserve that? Nothing.
This is called GRACE.

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Romans 5:8b

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