14/06/2020 – God Saves Noah and His Family

Bahan Alkitab: Genesis 6:5 – 9:17

Tanggal: 14/06/2020

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Lesson Focus:
• Learn to trust and obey GOD because He faithfully cares for His children.

We continue with Seth’s descendants, many years after Seth, there were so many people in this world. But people became more and more wicked, or they did more and more bad things. They did not obey God, they did not serve God and they did things that God did not like.

God was not pleased with all the bad things and the people who were so wicked, so He would send a flood to destroy the people and the whole world because of all the sin and violence. Our God is the HOLY and JUST GOD! He will punish all people who sin and do bad things.

But God is faithful to HIS promise to Adam & Eve – that the Savior will be born of Eve’s descendants, so God did not choose to destroy everyone in the world. Instead, He chose to preserve Noah! Noah was a righteous man, blameless in his generation. Noah walked with God. God showed His love and His grace to Noah.

One day, God told Noah about HIS plan to send a flood to destroy everything on earth. Then God told Noah to build a huge boat, called an ARK, to save Noah and his family and some of every kind of animals from the coming flood.

Noah obeyed God and he knew that God would keep His promise to take care of him. Noah did what God told him to do. It took 120 years to build the ark, the giant – super big boat.

At last everything was ready, God brought 2 of every kind of animal to the ark. Noah kept warning and asking his neighbors, other people to join him, but nobody listened, they all laughed at him. When Noah and his family, all the animals, and all the food supplies were inside the ark, GOD SHUT the door. God closed the door, so nobody could open that door anymore even when many people wanted to follow him as the flood came.

Then God sent the rain, the water started rising higher and higher, the rain kept falling for 40 days and 40 nights. All the houses, the trees even the mountains were covered with water! God took care of Noah and his family inside the ark for many months. Finally, the rain stopped, but the earth was still flooded, they had to stay inside the ark until the earth was completely dry.

After Noah checked that the land was dry then they were able to get out from the ark. How wonderful it was to enjoy God’s clean and fresh earth!
Noah then gathered stones and made an altar to give offering to God! He took some animals and burnt it, as an offering to give thanks and to worship God. God was pleased and accepted Noah’s offering.

God also made another promise to Noah. God promised that He would NEVER destroy the whole earth with a flood ever again. God put a beautiful rainbow in the sky as a sign to Noah that HE would keep HIS promise. Whenever we see a rainbow now, we remember God’s promise not to destroy the whole world with a flood. That promise stands even till today!

He is faithful but He is also the Holy and Just God! God keeps His promise – He will send the Savior from Noah’s descendants or Noah’s family – thousands of years later.

Lesson learnt/summary:
• God promised to save Noah and his family and Noah believed and responded with faith and obedience.
• God made another promise to Noah – not to destroy the earth with floods anymore – He gave a rainbow as a sign that He would keep His promise.
• God always keeps His promises – until the Promised Savior was born from Eve’s descendants – Jesus Christ who died on the cross to take the punishment for all who believed in Him.
• Our God is FAITHFUL because He is ETERNAL who always keeps His Word and promises. Our God is HOLY and JUST who punishes the sinners and the bad things that we do.

Ayat Hafalan:

The Lord is faithful to all His promises – Psalm 145:13b

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