10/01/2021 – Jesus Explains Salvation

Bahan Alkitab: John 3: 1-21; Genesis 3; Matthew 19:13-15

Tanggal: 10/01/2021


To recap last week from last week bible story :
– To remind the children how Adam and Eve have disobeyed God and sin against God.
– When they sin against God, they become God’s enemies and their relationship with God was broken
– example : Children play with HP but the HP does not work because it has no more battery and fan which no longer works because it is not connected to the electricity
– Everyone after them including us are sinners and we became God’s enemies
– However God made a promise to Adam and Eve that he would send us a special gift. God kept his promise and sent his only son Jesus so that we could now be part of God’s family not God’s enemies
– Everyone of us is born into a family and belong to a family. We cannot choose our parents, siblings. In our family, we have parents that could take care of us.
-When we are part of God’s family, we belong to Him. We can trust in Jesus knowing that he is our saviour to save us from our sins.

Today’s bible story, we are going to listen about a man who did not know how to be a part of God’s family. His name is Nicodemus, a pharisee, a religious ruler of the Jews. He was an important man who loved God’s word and taught it to the Jewish people.

Jesus who had grown up, went from place to place to heal the sick and do miracles and tell people about the word of God. Many people enjoy listening to what Jesus had to say.

One evening, when it was dark, Nicodemus came to Jesus and ask him some questions. He said: “Teacher, we know that you are teacher from God.” “No one can do the miracles that you do unless God is with You”.

Jesus did not answer Nicodemus’s question directly. Instead Jesus gave a surprising answer. “I tell you the truth, no one can see the Kingdom of God unless he is born again”.

Nicodemus did not understand what Jesus said. Nicodemus said: “If a person is a already old, how can he be born again?” “Does he have to become a little baby again?”

Jesus explained that you must be born again in Spirit through the God Holy Spirit which works in our heart to give us faith and new life. This is so that we can believe in Jesus who save us from our sins.

I would ask the children: “So when Jesus said to be born again, does it mean we go back to mummy’s tummy and mummy give birth to us again? No. To be born again means we become part of God’s family and it makes hate what God hate and do what God loves.

Nicodemus listened to what Jesus had said. He is finding hard to understand. He went home thinking about what Jesus said to him.

Why does Nicodemus need Jesus to save him? – Because he is a sinner who sin against God. We are also sinners who need Jesus to save us. We cannot save ourselves even our mummy and daddy cannot save us. Only through Jesus who did not sin and obeyed God and finally died at the cross so that we can be saved from our sins

Ayat Hafalan:

John 3:36a
Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life

Guru:Steven Rusli
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